IHG Rewards Club: 2014 Promo Codes work!

Thanks to reader Chris, we can now confirm 6 of the posted IHG Rewards Club 2014 promotion codes work.  Chris earned 15500 bonus points thanks to the codes!  I’ve update our master list with the results.  More bonus codes will be added later today!

55 Comments on “IHG Rewards Club: 2014 Promo Codes work!

  1. How do you earn the points I’ve registered for the new member and the new stay promotions? Do you have to book a hotel in order to get them points or do they automatically go into you account?

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  3. I collected around 50.000 points Is there a possibility to sell IHG points (what would be the rate)? My wife and I plan to travel to a city where there is no IHG hotel available. With the money we would book a stay at a non IHG hotel/ hostel
    Thanks, Limo

    • Limo, the IHG Rewards Club T&C do not allow selling or bartering of points. You can make a booking on your name and add a second person to the reservation to let him/her check-in. Be careful with advertising the fact you want to sell points, if IHG would find out about it, your account would be closed.

  4. Hello:
    I just found this blog, as I have used IHG for a few years now, but am on a new assignment at work which has me traveling 50% or more of the year. The company books and pays for the hotels I stay in, but allows employees to acquire the reward points. Our company tends to favor Holiday Inns.

    Because my company books AND pays for the qualifying stays through the Corporate Office, am I eligible for any promotional offers? I see through comments that usually promo codes need to be registered prior to the stay (while booking).

    Looking forward to making the most of my IHG rewards membership this year, through qualifying stays, promo codes and any credit card offers that anyone recommends (although I only plan on registering if it’s a VERY good deal, as I have a credit card I favor now due to great cash back and points earned).

    • Hi Ty, the promo code offers are not linked to individual bookings. Just sign-up for all codes and see which ones post on your next IHG stay. Thanks.

  5. Dear Bart – as for the BIG WIN do you get in total aprox 112 000 points or just 56 000 ?

    pls clarify – thanks

  6. all my nights from india posted yesterday and I had 3 rooms – 7 nights in total and got 19 000 points for all the nights including the promo codes – only 5500 points from promo codes

    • Greg, exactly same result as me, only three codes worked for me in 2014 with 5500 bonus points as result. The reason is most likely the codes we used in 2013.

      • Here in the States, I status matched my wife from Le Club – Best Western – IHG Platinum. Had her 1st stay a few weeks ago and loaded all codes possible. We did a 5K bonus package w/ breakfast @ a Crowne Plaza for $142. Used my IHG card to pay. Total points=39,441. Looking forward to using the points she earned @ an Intercontinental point break deal for a week!

  7. As a platinum member I have just made 1 eligible stay in CROWNE PLAZA – KOCHIN and got points for only 3 codes

    3,000 pts.

    1,000 pts.

    New Stay Bonus
    1,500 pts.


    more BIG WIN points will come in a few days but all in all i don t have much luck with these codes. – poor me 😦

    It s my 4th stay in different IHG properties and dont happen to get points for all the codes.

    I managed to get points for my very first stay with codes when all the codes brought me fruits 🙂 ie 36 000

    good luck to all of you and thanks Bart for updating the codes 🙂

    NB I have applied 2013 and 2014 promotion codes

    • Greg, I had exactly the same result (5500 bonus points) with my first IHG stay in 2014 on January 17. Other people reported similar results. The reason might be we used all the previous codes in 2013 (which resulted in 36K bonus points in your case!) So no need to complain… 😉

      • I am a Gold Member and it let me list. 3 of the codes on my offers page. I then stayed at a Staybridge Suites for 2 nights. So I see where they have given me 20k points and all related to the 3 offer codes that show completed and the stay. I don’t get their math but I am not complaining. The codes seem to work fine. 🙂

  8. Hi I had a question regarding when to register for the codes.

    So i’m planning on booking a stay on march 1 soon (prolly book within next few days) but i was wondering should i register for all the codes now, esp the ones with 60/90 day limit. or should i wait until end of feb to register? do i need to register for code first BEFORE i book the hotel in order to get the points or will i qualify for the bonus points as long as i registered before my actual stay regardless of when i booked the room?

    i’m a plat member via the IHG credit card and will be booking thru their website. thanks in advance for the information. been a long time since i stayed at iHG / registered for promos so kinda forgot what the proper method was.

    • Hi AC, as long as you register for the codes before your stay, you’re fine. Some codes might be disabled in the coming weeks/months. No guarantee all will work for your March stay. Thanks.

  9. I will let you know if they manipulate my account after usng promo codes. I just started using IHG but at Gold Ambassador Status with 4 upcoming stays and registered all of the 2014 codes on this page. Trust me if they change anything, remove anything I will be sitting down with then and then update. Thanks for the codes.

  10. I only inquired about, didn’t complain, anyway everything got sorted. Big Win points have been posted now as well. And they confirmed that the Book with us for 4K will be valid as from Jan 15th till Dec 31st.

    • I ve read that ihg closes accounts of members who use promotional codes without ihg approval. I didn’t call ihg even if half of my points didn’t post.

      I d recommend to abstain and not contact ihg when bonus pointa are missing.

  11. Some further feedback received, I was also missing a Platinum member promo of 5000 points, IHG replied the following to me:

    “You are not eligible for the 5000 Point Platinum Bonus since your Platinum status was acquired through status match. You will earn the bonus if you achieved Platinum status by accumulating 60,000 elite points or 50 qualifying nights.”

    Which I find kinda odd, maybe it’s in their T&C? Shouldn’t matter how you acquired the platinum status?

    Also opened another case for missing miles/points for the Big Win 2014, it’s been 10 days since my stay at HI Express in Sloterdijk and still no activity is shown in my IHG account or Big Win overview. For a stay at the same hotel in December, the Big Win activity was posted after 3 days.

    Only downside to their customer service through email is that you are working with a different person on a daily basis. Maybe should take the time and call them this week and have it all sorted. Probably got even more confusing as I upgrade my account to Ambassador this past weekend.

    As soon as I get feedback from them, I’ll post again.

    • Lionell, please keep in mind you are NOT targeted for the promotion codes in my blog post. If they result in bonus points, great, if they don’t, please do not complain about it at IHG.

  12. Worrying indeed. I did ask if I would loose any earned points but she could not confirm that. On my offer status I have: Big Win, Venetian & Palazzo, Platinum Bonus Offer, Gold Bonus Offer and Weekend stay Bonus. As completed I have New Stay Bonus, Anniversary Bonus Offer and New member Bonus Promotion.

    The funny thing was that I checked in the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg yesterday as a Platinum member, lost my status during my stay and checked out again this morning as a (reinstated) Platinum member. Very curious to see how many points I will have earned there…

    • I had the same thing happen to me this week. Had a stay at HI Express in Amsterdam, booked this stay as platinum member, was checked in as platinum member. But when checking my account this week, saw that they dropped it to club member. Contact their customer service and they told me as well it was due to technical issue. I managed to get my platinum status reinstated, but also got 6000 points added (posted as goodwill) for promo codes I missed as platinum member for that stay. In total I received just over 13000 points for a 1 night stay.

      They asked me for a confirmation email of the Book with us for 4K promo and they also told me about accounts being under investigation, they noticed I had registered for promo codes twice which wasn’t true as I have all confirmation emails and you can only register for a promo once as system will generate an error. Explained that there was no intention to register twice, but a case of confusion in the days between Jan 2nd and Jan 4th when the promo codes were released.

      But all people I was in contact with through email were very helpful. Only waiting for feedback about the 4K offer. Will keep you posted about it.

  13. Hi Bart, I did not say anything about the codes, since I also suspected a technical issue. They put me on hold for 3 minutes and came back with the statement that Platinum was reinstated BUT improper use of promo codes had lead to my account being under supervision. The way they said it wasn’t 100% clear as in…”because of those codes we blocked your status”, but pretty sure that is what they meant. They also told me to always contact them when I use new codes…To verify if I am eligible (yeah right). Did feel pretty bad ass after that call to be honest 🙂

    • That’s indeed a worrying statement from IHG. One might wonder why IHG would remove someone’s status without sending them a formal email explaining the reason behind it. And when contacted, they reinstate the status? Do you still see some of the codes listed under your ‘My offer status’ tab?

  14. Important heads-up: IHG took my platinum status away without notice yesterday (only made platinum after status match 2 months back). After a quick call to the rewards call center they re-instated the platinum status but told me “my account is under supervision since I have been using promotion codes that I could not be eligible for yet in 2014…”

    Anyone else had this problem?

    • Seb, several people reported the same issue (Platinum level being removed) in the past week. When they contacted IHG their status was reinstated to Platinum and were told this was due to a technical issue. You are the first person to report they specifically are monitoring your account for improper use of promotion codes. Did you mention anything about these codes during your conversation or did their statement come out of the blue?

  15. I just had my first stay at a Holiday Inn last week and had successfully registered with several of the codes. The lady at check in paused for a while at her computer while checking me in and kept shaking her head. I just checked my account and no bonus points posted. Is it possible that a front desk person could have prevented me from receiving the bonus points? I had a stay at a Crowne Plaza Mon-Weds as well and that posted without any bonuses either. I’m positive I successfully registered for these promos about a week before my stays as I received several emails stating so. I booked direct on the hotel’s website and it did post as a qualifying stay so that is not the problem.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for your feedback. There’s no reason to assume a front desk agent can manipulate the bonus codes you signed up for. Did you check your ‘My offer status’ tab in your IHG account? Which offers does it show?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t think they could but thought it was odd since none posted. My Offer Status only shows The Big Win but I’d read that offers weren’t always showing up there but were still posting. I did receive several emails stating I’d successfully registered so I figured it still worked. Oh well, it was worth a shot and as long as my Big Win points post it will still be a decent take for the two stays.

  16. Hi Bart, are all those codes a one-time thing? I wonder if they will do anything for me on future IHG stays this month/year?

  17. Codes worked perfectly: managed to get 26.500 points for my stay at the InterContinental last week! Does anyone know how long the IHG points stay valid btw?

  18. All my codes disappeared in my offer status except the big win… What happened?

  19. I successfully registered for 11 promo codes and have an upcoming stay this weekend in Amsterdam, I’ll let you know in the week after how I did with the points.

  20. Do the codes expire by a certain time or will they remain on your account until a stay triggers them? I have a stay booked but it was through a third party agent and so it’s not in itself a qualifying night, but it’ll still go on my recent activity after I check in. Think it’ll trigger any bonuses?

    • Alex, chances are small the non-qualifying stay will trigger any bonuses. Codes do generally expire at the end of the year, but the “for 60/90 days” codes start counting from the day of registration.

  21. I registered for all of the codes yesterday and all of them said that it went through successfully. However, none of them show up in My Offers, and I also didn’t get any emails confirming registration like I did last year. I see at least one other person with the same experience. Any thoughts on why no email confirmation?

    Interestingly, I just got 5000 points for “weekend stay bonus” even though I haven’t stayed at any IHG properties since last November. However, I do have a weekend stay coming up in 2 weeks. What’s odd is that the weekend stay bonus offer doesn’t even show up in My Offers.

  22. One night at Crowne Plaza:

    Earning Details – 690 pts.
    Bonus Points Earned – 345 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS – Test Market Offer – 3,000 pts.
    New Stay Bonus – 1,500 pts.

    Didn’t put in the code for 60 days, because I’ll benefit more from that later on, but it should work too.

  23. I registered for the new codes but did not receive a confirmation email like I did last year….what do you think about this?

  24. My bonus-points I got for 1 night at HI Prague airport on Jan 2nd. The numbers are a bit different (last year’s code maybe?). Esp the 2×3000 next stay is weird :-).

    3,000 pkt.

    3,000 pkt.

    1,000 pkt.

    1,000 pkt.

    1,500 pkt.

    1,500 pkt.

  25. Thanks for your input Jenny! Looks like you managed to score an additional 2000 points with a second “Anniversary bonus offer” and “1,000 Bonus points for 60 days” Any idea which codes you used for those two? Thank you.

    • I can’t tell which codes they are, but they must be from your 2013 list (maybe 1041 for the 2K?). Thanks so much for listing the codes! I received about 70K in bonus pts, in addition to the Big Win pts from your 2013 list.

  26. We received the following bonuses for a Jan. 2-4, 2014 stay:
    2,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 2,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS – Test Market Offer 3,000 pts.
    New Stay Bonus 1,500 pts.
    1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 1,000 pts.

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  28. I have also added new codes on 4 Jan for my stay on 1 jan and i got only one bonus of 1000 points – however my points posted only on 5 jan

    Anyways – thanks Bart for the codes 🙂

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