IHG Rewards Club: 2014 Promotion Codes

IHG Rewards Club is the loyalty program of InterContinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo and some smaller brands. Last year, the program offered a number of bonus codes which allowed members to earn thousands of extra points. The past couple of days, a number of promotion codes have surfaced which might result in bonus points for 2014 stays.  These codes have not been tested yet, so there’s no guaranty any of the promo codes will result in extra points.  I’ll update the list with our results over the next weeks.  Update Jan 8, 2014: We can now confirm at least 6 codes work!  Added one extra code which should work too. Update Jan 9, 2014: Added 2013 codes which might still work for members who didn’t use them in the past.
Update Apr 20, 2014: Added two more codes. Update Sep 11, 2014: *WARNING* IHG Rewards Club T&C no longer allow you to use these codes if you were not targeted for the specific promotion(s). Your account might be closed if you still do. See the ‘Points from Promotions’ paragraph in the updated IHG Rewards Club Terms & Conditions.

If you don’t have an IHG Rewards Club account yet, register here.  Don’t forget to sign-up for The Big Win 2014.  Visit this link to manually register for the bonus codes or click on the individual promo codes below.
New Stay Bonus – 4040 (1500 points)
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 4047 (5000 points)
Book With Us – 5147
Weekend Stay Bonus – 6796
Anniversary Bonus – 8000 (1000 points)
1000 Point Gold Bonus – 8301 
5000 Point Platinum Bonus – 8317 
Welcome Back Bonus – 8994 (3000 points)
New Member Bonus – 9944 (3000 points)
2000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 9990 (2000 points per stay)
Update Jan 8, 2014:
Elite Member Winback Bonus – 3007
Update Jan 9, 2014:
In case you didn’t use the 2013 promo codes
, these might still work for you:
5000 point Platinum – 4777 (5000 Bonus Points)
New member bonus – 4648 (1500 Bonus Points)
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 2785 (3000 Bonus Points)
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 3825 (3000 Bonus Points)
Next Stay Bonus – 7641 (1500 Bonus Points)
Welcome Back Bonus – 2656 (1500 Bonus Points)
1000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 4709 (1000 Bonus Points per stay)
Anniversary Bonus for 90 Days – 4644 (1000 Bonus Points per stay)
Update Apr 20, 2014:
1K points on every stay – 1036 (1000 Bonus Points per stay – valid until May 30, 2014)
1.5k points on next stay – 1034 (1500 Bonus Points – valid until May 30, 2014)
Update Jun 3, 2014:
Stay 3 Nights, Get 5,000 Bonus Points 7057 (valid until September 2, 2014)
Stay 7 Nights, Get 10,000 Bonus Points 4989 (valid until September 2, 2014)
Stay 15 Nights, Get 15,000 – Code 2113 (valid until September 2, 2014)

201 Comments on “IHG Rewards Club: 2014 Promotion Codes

    • Good, important catch Bart. Thanks for drawing our attention to this bad news, such as it is. Would that others who so oft’ hyped these “steroids” at least review this change….

      • Hi Bart question for you on BRG when using ambassador BOGO. The BRG rate is 199 per night while the lowest rate is 181. Do I have a claim? Thx Jon

  1. Any chance I can get any of these retroactively? Just now completed a stay, but just now found your blog.

  2. fyi- i was just able to register for both of these codes which are crossed out on your list. Thanks! This site is so convenient 🙂
    Weekend Stay Bonus – 6796
    5000 Point Platinum Bonus – 8317

  3. None of the codes work for me? I am a platinum elite member?
    Do they not work in the US?

  4. Hello there Bart,

    Firstly FANTASTIC, thank you so much for sharing this with others. I have a similar blog myself (BritWit.co).

    I would love to know if you have any idea which codes are working or if any new codes have been introduced? I’m going to be making a booking tomorrow!

    Also, I was given 40,000 IHG points which I plan on spending… if i use my points do i qualify to receive more points by using this method or do I have to spend solid money with NO points to reduce the price of the booking in order to qualify.

    Once again, great work – thank you for sharing!!

    • Hello Aidy, most codes no longer work, only those from the last update do. You only earn points on revenue (cash) stays. Enjoy your points! Thanks.

  5. Hi Bart,

    I already have an IHG account and tomorrow is my first stay with IHG hotels, can I still use this codes? or are there any promotions to be platinum easily? thank you

    • Hi Affinalkindi, yes, you can use the listed codes. Several will no longer work though. Can you please report which promo codes still worked for you? Thank you.

  6. Bart, confess I’m frustrated and annoyed…. Is anybody getting these codes to work anymore? Figured on my own account, all the older codes are now defunct to me, because it kept saying I was already registered. But my wife just got a new account, just cleared as a Platinum elite member — (courtesy the credit card)….. but for nearly all these codes now (7093, 9990, 2784, 4047, 3825, 8994, 4777, 4648, etc., etc.) I’m getting back the pink kiss of death message: “invalid for your membership”) Any idea what’s going on? Was one of the codes a poison that in effect pink-marked her account? She did get a few of the new member bonuses to register…. but even some of them were “invalid for your membership” We’re in the US. By chance are your codes all now Europe specific? Is IHG killing the “steroids”? Any suggestions? Or is the steroid party now over?

    • Hi Havai, IHG Rewards Club has disabled a number of promo codes in the past months. It would be helpful if you could post the codes which still worked with your wife’s new account. Thank you.

  7. Hi Bart,

    I’ve a question which I hope you can help me with. During the daily getaways promotion that soon will be running again, one can buy hotel points. Do these bought points also count/qualify for hotel status eg platinum elite at IHG?


    • Hi Tom, bought points do not count for elite status. Only base points from stays and bonus points from packages included in room rates.

  8. Registered for these before a one-night stay in a Crowne Plaza near the airport in Madrid. The stay got me 19,000+ points. (I am a Platinum Member.)

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  10. Dude you rock!!!
    I’ve been working hard on getting Platinum status (5k packages) you’ve just help out a LOOOT!

    +1 Bookmarked page
    +1 shared page!

    Keep up the great codes!

  11. Do these bonus offers work if I book reward stays? What if i do a 25,000 pt + $40? Thanks!

  12. I was goofing off online last night and came across your blog. My husband has been Platinum for many years, but with last years changes I thought we would lose that. However with a few changes we are hoping to keep it at least another year. I usually try to stay on top of all the promotions available, but after plugging in all the codes posted, at least half seem to be valid for him. I am waiting for his next stay to see how many extra points we can score! 🙂
    A few years ago, with pointbreaks and careful planning, I was able to take a family of 8 on a 2 week trip that included Las Vegas, San Diego, Disneyland and San Francisco for under $100 in hotel rooms. (Two rooms a night!). I have another trip I am planning for and expect to get similar or even better results!

  13. Just to add another data point for you… I just had my first stay this year at a Holiday Inn. Note that I did NOT do any of these LAST year — no codes at all before. I went through and did all of the codes above. After my stay, I got my 950 points for the room ($95) plus my 475 for being Platinum (50% extra). Then, for the codes, I got these:

    New Stay Bonus – 1,500 pts.
    1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS – 1,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS – 1,500 pts.
    NEXT STAY BONUS – 1,500 pts.

    …for a total of 25,425 points.

    Oddly, like BG mentioned above, I also did not get the 5,000 points Platinum bonus even though it shows up in my account as an open offer! Weird. Anyone know the actual Terms for that one to see what it takes to earn it?

    – John…

    • Thanks for the input John, I don’t know of anyone who got that 5K Platinum bonus posted. Please do not contact IHG Rewards Club about it. Thanks and enjoy your points!

      • Hi,

        I received 5k bonus on 08 April (most likely from using one of your above codes, thank you) with “5000 POINT PLATINUM BONUS” as the narrative.

  14. I have got no idea why the Anniversary Bonus offer posted twice but it did 😉
    All codes that worked also appeared on my award status, i.e. all the codes I registered for earlier this year which did not show on my account did not post.

  15. Hi,

    Stayed one night in the HIE Dublin Airport. This was my first stay this year and after using all codes in 2013 and winning big last year, the following points posted:

    Qualifying Nights1 Earning Details 795 pts.
    Bonus Points Earned 397 pts.
    1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 1,000 pts.
    New Stay Bonus 1,500 pts.

    Not quite as good as last year’s codes but still not bad considering that I almost got 2 Pointbreaks nights for one night.

    I should also get another 1000 points from the Big Win which I am not gonna complete this time because it is not very appealing.

    Thanks for all the codes, Bart!

  16. I entered the ones from last year and got a lot of point with them. I recently read a thread, http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/intercontinental-hotels-ihg-rewards-club-intercontinental-ambassador/1541827-account-closed-without-any-reason-might-registering-targeted-promotion.html, about someone getting their account cancelled because they registered for promotions that they were not a “targeted promotion. After reading this, I have been hesitant in registering for these promos again. Have you heard anything about this? I don’t want to cause panic but I have a lot of points that I don’t want to loose.

    • Thomas, a number of people have been contacted about the promo codes after an ‘account audit’ and got a ‘warning’. However, I’m not aware of anyone loosing points or having it’s account closed. If you were not target of an IHG Rewards Club audit before with formal warning, I don’t see a reason not to use the codes. Note that several codes have been disabled and bonus points are limited to ~5500 points for most members who used all available codes in 2013. Thanks.

  17. Thanks, Bart! I actually got some that were crossed out as not working. Here is what I ended up with. I got emails for all. Our travel won’t be completed until April 11th (We are doing the BIG WIN for 119,000!) – we’ll see what we actually get from these!

    4040 Next stay bonus 1500
    5147 Book with us 4K 4000
    6796 Weekend stay bonus 5000
    8000 Anniversary bonus 1000
    8301 1000 Point gold bonus 1000
    8317 5000 Point platinum bonus 5000
    9994 New member bonus 3000
    TOTAL 20500

    4777 5000 Point platinum bonus 5000
    4648 New member bonus 1500
    2785 Elite member next stay bonus 3000
    3825 Elite member next stay bonus 3000
    7641 Next stay bonus 1500
    2656 Welcome back bonus 1500
    4709 1000 bonus points for 60 days 1000
    4644 Anniversary bonus 1000
    TOTAL 17500

      • Hey Bart, still new to the IHG system. Quick question, my wife and I both picked up the CC and the 80k pts. I also bit the bullet and bought the Ambassador level thinking it was a decent deal with the BOGO. Well I used my 80k pts so we are left with hers for the time being. Looking to book 4 nights at the Indigo in Barcelona on pts and dollars but will need to use the wife’s points. Anyway to get my name / IHG number on that reservations so the Ambassador status could possibly help with a room upgrade?

        Am I looking at this the right way?

        Thx, Jon

        • Hi Jon, your Ambassador status will only help at InterContinental hotels. The Gold Elite level which comes with AMB status is something, but you can’t add your IHG Rewards Club number to someone else reservation. You can only add the name of the second guest at the time of reservation. Emailing the Indigo hotel about your stay might help, but room upgrades normally only come with Platinum status. Have a nice trip!

  18. Is there any reason to wait to register for these promos? We have a bunch of IHG stays from March 14 through April 11. I’ve been waiting to register in case there is a time limit. But maybe it’s better to go ahead and register now?

    • Hi Karla, go ahead and register now. A number of codes have already been disabled by IHG by now. Let us know the results. Thanks.

  19. I received 9,500 bonus points on my first 2014 stay, and none on my second (other than the 50% Platinum member bonus points). I (re-)entered all available codes–2013 and 2014–but had used most of them in 2013. Hopefully some new codes will become available. Bart, any idea how often they come out with new codes? Or do you think this stream is drying up?

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for your feedback. Codes are indeed drying up and I don’t expect many more to surface. Bonus points will come mainly from offers like The Big Win.

      • Disappointing news! Thanks for responding, though. Not sure if this if of interest to your readers or if you’ve already mentioned it, but you can get 1-5% cash back on IHG paid nights, when you go to the IHG website through a shopping portal like ebates or Mr. Rebates.

        Again thanks for all the points you’ve helped so many of us acquire!

  20. The following codes worked for me for a weekend stay at the “Weekend certificate” rate:
    Bonus points – 1000
    New member bonus promotion – 3000
    Anniversary bonus offer – 1000
    New stay bonus – 1500
    A total of 6500 points (plus the 2000 I got for the actual IC stay).

  21. For the newer codes (and some of the old ones that worked in my account) I get this error message for my dad’s account:
    “The code you entered is invalid for your membership. Please check the qualification requirements for your country, region or program. For further assistance please visit the IHG® Rewards Club Customer Care Center page.”

    Maybe they’re fixing the glitches in their system?
    Guess we won’t be stacking that many points on the next stay. 😦

      • Few months old. Completed the previous Big Win offer with it with all 2013 codes working. Some of the codes show the same error in my own account and that’s not new at all, so don’t quite know what’s the problem.

  22. Awesome!

    I entered all and most (not) all would allow me to register. They do not show up in “My Offers” but they work. On my very next stay I earned an extra 16,000 points. I continue to earn an extra (2) 1,000pts on every stay apparently for the next 60 days.

    Thanks. And add me to your distribution list for all IHG rewards tips

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  24. I think it’s definitely worth paying for one night. My guess is that you’ll get 15K+, particularly since you haven’t used any promo codes before.

      • FYI: My first stay with promo codes last fall netted me over 33K points! There aren’t quite as many active promo codes out now, but 15K+ likely. It’s really exciting to see them post! It takes about 5 days after you check out. Make sure you register for the Big Win before you book and book through the IHG website. (You might also think about the IHG credit card, since there’s an 80K bonus offer out there and it only costs $49 a year. Plus you get a free night every year you renew.) Thanks again, Bart! We’re staying at two different London Intercontinental hotels for free this summer thanks to you!

  25. I hate to ask a silly question, but I successfully added the strikethrough codes to my account (Platinum). Are these no longer working?
    Also, I am about to book for next weekend. I have 80k reward points. Would it be best to book one night and pay with my IHG card in order to accrue all these promotional points and book the second night with points? Will I have to book in 2 separate transactions in order to get the promotional points for the one paid night? If I book separately, will the hotel honor a request to keep the same room if I call immediately after booking?
    Sorry for all the questions. I’m new to IHG and this thread has been an enormous help!

    • Hi Lauren, the strikethrough codes didn’t result in points for the first tests we did. e.g. One of them only results in bonus points for members staying at the Las Vegas Palazzo hotel. In regards to your booking: you’ll need to make two bookings, one points booking and one revenue booking. If you choose the same room type for your revenue booking, the hotel should have no problem accommodating you in the same room for the two bookings.

      • Thanks so much Bart!
        I’m trying to decide if, with all the promo codes (I have never used any before), I would accrue at least 15,000 in points, which would be what I would have spent on the hotel night. Still trying to get the math down to get the most out of my IHG membership 🙂

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  27. all these reports of accounts being closed for trying platinum codes not entitled to are very worrying..does it mean that it is best not to apply for a plat status match do you think?

    • Hi Adz, I don’t know anyone who got his/her account closed for using the codes. They just got a warning and/or we’re temporarily downgraded to Gold or member level. Still, only a minority of members were impacted.

      • doesnt a warning mean they will get done next time they use the codes?
        wondering whether not to do a status match to plat if the plat codes dont pay out at themoment

  28. This worked out well for me. Awaiting credit toward the Big Win… It’s been 6 days since the stay. Oddly, the 5,000 platinum bonus offer didn’t come through, even though it shows up on “my offers” on the IHG website and expires March 2015. Any ideas about why that might be? As you can see below, I’m not complaining nor do I plan to bug IHG about that! I am grateful for the points!!!

    Here are the bonuses:
    1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 1,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS 1,500 pts.
    New Stay Bonus 1,500 pts.
    1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 1,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS 1,500 pts.
    NEXT STAY BONUS 1,500 pts.

    Over 26,000 just in bonuses!
    Thanks Bart!

  29. My points for last weekend’s stay at Crowne Plaza, Birmingham, England.

    Earning details 1,023 pts.

    New member bonus promotion 3,000 pts.
    New stay bonus. 1,500 pts.
    Elite member next stay bonus 3,000 pts.
    1,000 bonus points for 60 days 1,000 pts.
    Welcome back bonus 1,500 pts.

    That’s a nice bonus of 10,000 points, enough for a free stay at Holiday Inn, Wembley, London on a match day!

    However, this stay hasn’t shown on this year’s ‘Big Win’ yet, I’m sure last year they appeared inside a week. This should qualify as it has done on my standard IHG statement.

    Thanks very much.

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  31. I was able to add, and receive an email confirmation for, 2670 (1K bonus) and 5000 (1K per stay in next 60 days). I’m located in the US. I have a stay this Sat., so should be able to report on which codes work about a week from now.

    • Had already registered for these codes (UK Platinum).

      Have signed up for all codes posted on this blog which is great, my first 2014 stay 27,570 points but second stay only 2,902 (Anniversary Bonus 1,000pts only one which posted). Has anyone else experienced this? Have more paid stays next few weeks so would like more earning like first stay.

      Thanks, Michael

      • Michael, thanks for your feedback. Most codes only work once. You’ll need to focus on the Big Win if you want more bonus points for your next stays.

    • Here are the bonus points I received for the stay:

      1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS1,000 pts.
      New Stay Bonus1,500 pts.

  32. I have a stay booked out in September 2014, should I register for these codes now or do they expire if a stay is not made within a certain time duration?

    Thx, great post!

    • Hi Jono, I would recommend not to register now. Only register a few days before your first stay. Just make sure to set a reminder in your agenda!

  33. some promotion i register and it said I did but did not see it in my offer status

  34. how does this work . If I click on all the offer code and was able to register. Let say I stay one night , will I earn 2 codes that was register eg. one for anniversary and one for elite winback . or I can only earn one code per stay?

    • Leslie, all codes will work for your next stay. Most codes only work once, so only bonus points for your first stay after registering for the promotion codes.

  35. Hi,
    I registered and No Points added to my account after my stay. I thought I would leave it for a while until my next stay (a week later) and still no points on that stay either ;(
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jamie, do you see any of the promotion codes listed under your ‘My Offers Status’ tab in your IHG Rewards Club account?

      • Hi Bart,
        I do but no all of the offers. I looked yesterday and only had to 3 offers, today I have 6??????

        No too sure what’s going on or it’s taking a long time to go on my account.

  36. I’ve registered all the codes and am now looking for a cheap hotel to do a mattress run. Will it be worth it?

    However, how do I know which bonus points will I receive? Will I receive all the ones I’ve registered for?

    • YMMV thesaver79! No guarantees, but as you can read in the comments of this post quite some people earned a nice number of bonus points.

    • hi bart,
      great stuff-one thing i would like to see if you have time is a post on cheapest ihg properties for mat runs etc…

      • Adz, there are +4000 IHG hotels worldwide including many Holiday Inn Express with low rates. It’s impossible to make a list as some hotels are cheap during weekends, but 3x as expensive on weekdays. I recommend to monitor rates at your local IHG hotels. If you have any specific questions, let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi mightytravels, no need to register before making the reservation, but I recommend to register for the bonus points before your stay. Thanks.

  37. another possibility from loyaltylobby: 3050 “Elite Member Next Stay Bonus” offer for 3,000 points for one stay. hope it helps.

  38. Hi. I just registered for a bunch of these bonus offers. I have 1 stay from 9/11/13 that is called “nonqualifying stay”. I got an “adjustment” to get credited for 1620 points total in November when I noticed that my points hadn’t posted. Can I get points retroactively for this stay?

  39. Mike, mine show to!! Bart: as mike wrotes they NOW SHOW……you can now see them in the offer status. mine are back too.

    • Apologies, I had read ‘are not showing’ instead of ‘are now showing’ under ‘My offer status’. Thanks for the update hw! 🙂

    • Mike, as already mentioned several times in the comments of this post, it’s the case for everyone. Still, the codes do work. Thank you.

      Update: Apologies, I had read ‘are not showing’ instead of ‘are now showing’ under ‘My offer status’. Thanks for the update Mike!

  40. A couple more possibles from loyaltylobby:
    8647 “Anniversary Bonus Offer” promotion for 1,000 bonus points PER stay for 90 days
    3006 “Elite Member Winback” promotion for 3,000 bonus points for one stay

    • Thanks for your input Tomszack. However, most people reported both codes do not work for them. 3007 (instead of 3006) does work for “Elite Member Winback”.

      • I was able to register for 3006, but not 3007. Perhaps 3006 is for U.S. residents…

        • I can confirm the same thing for me (and I am in the USA and this is my first year doing any codes). 3007 did NOT work for me. 3006 DID work for me.

          • Also, just for another data point, 8647 also worked for me. However, when I tried to do 4644 after that, it said that I had already done it (even though I’m fairly certain I had not clicked on it before).

  41. Hi Bart, I noticed that some people have points credited for the “ELITE MEMBER WINBACK BONUS – Test Market Offer 5,000 pts”. Maybe I missed it, what`s the Test Market offer? I did not see this one. Is this perhaps a special code? thx.

  42. I feel like this is a stupid question, but I can’t figure out where to put these bonus codes when I make my reservation! I just booked a room but couldn’t find any place on the page for promo codes. I’m in Canada, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Valerie, you don’t have to enter the codes at the time of booking. Just click on all the listed codes in my blog post, each of them redirects to the registration page for that code. Let me know if you need any assistance. Thanks.

  43. Hi Bart,

    So I had 1 stay from Jan 3-jan 8. And I didn’t register these codes until jan 8 which is when I saw ur post :-(, but I did register before the points posted.

    That being said I checked today and bonus points didn’t post 😦 could be because I registered after the stay most likely.

    I do have another stay next week and we’ll see if these post. I’ll keep you updated. I am a platinum elite who usually books more than 1 room and I was able to reap big win last year, but not sure this quarter we’ll see.

    A few concerns:

    1) like everyone’s offers not posting on my offer status, but it’s known no ones are so we’ll see if that changes soon.
    2) some people mention getting an email confirmation that they’ve been registered for the promos. Strangely enough I rarely get these and for these promo codes I entered I didn’t get any, but when I try to re-register to double check it says I’m already registered.
    3) the whole idea of registering promos you’re not necessarily targeted for sort of worries me. I’m certainly not abusing their system or anything like that, but I did read a post on another blog or maybe flyertalk that someone in said got busted by IHg for continually registering for promos he wasn’t entitled for and I think I read they closed his account. Do you know anything about this? Again I don’t overdo it, but just a thought/concern especially given that the offers aren’t even appearing the in the offer status page for anyone anymore. Maybe they’re cracking down on it? Don’t wish to alarm people, but again just a thought.

    Finally great site and thanks for all the useful info! Love it!

    • Thanks for the input Thomas, however, if you have used the codes listed above, you’ll be unable to register for 8834 as it will return ‘According to our records, you are already registered for this offer.’

    • Thanks for the input justmytwomiles, however, if you have used the codes listed above, you’ll be unable to register for 8834 as it will return ‘According to our records, you are already registered for this offer.’

  44. thanks-for the elite bonuses people are getting -do you have to be plat or is gold or other ok?

    • Some of the codes require you to be Gold or Platinum. You can get the IHG Rewards Club Elite level via Status Match with other programs such as Le Club Accor Hotels or Hilton HHonors.

  45. One night stay. 34,309 points. Awesome! Thanks a lot.

    2,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 2,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS – Test Market Offer 3,000 pts.
    New Stay Bonus 1,500 pts.
    ELITE MEMBER WINBACK BONUS – Test Market Offer 5,000 pts.
    1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 1,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS 1,500 pts.
    NEXT STAY BONUS 1,500 pts.

  46. There same through. Thanks.
    These came through. Thanks
    3,000 pts WELCOME BACK BONUS – Test Market Offer
    1,500 pts New Stay Bonus

  47. I’ve registered all of them, let’s find out within 2 weeks. Thanks again Bart!

  48. Hi Bart
    Can confirm a few of the codes worked for me giving me extra points !! I will b sure to add the new code please keep us updated of any others I presume you will only be able to redeem these promo points once?

  49. Do the points appear after the stay or after the booking has been made

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  53. Offers didn’t show up for me either, but I received the confirmation emails. Anyway, here is what did get credited for my hotel stay 2-4 Jan:
    2,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS 2,000 pts.
    WELCOME BACK BONUS – Test Market Offer 3,000 pts.
    New Stay Bonus 1,500 pts.

  54. Weird…I registered for the codes but did not receive any confirmation emails like I did last year. What do you think?

  55. one question -if you didnt sigin up for the 2013 codes-can you still use them to get pts?

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      • Thanks Bart 🙂 Right now, less cash paid is more important to me than more points (though both would be preferred!)

  58. Excellent, thanks for the codes, free personel trip to NYC here I come!!!

  59. Thank you for the heads up. Just got the one come up, don’t know which one it is though. Register, book, and stay at The Venetian® or The Palazzo®, an InterContinental Alliance® Resort, by December 31, 2014, and receive 4,000 bonus points for every stay. Must book by April 30, 2014.

  60. Yea! Can’t wait to hear if these codes work. I have 2 upcoming stays in the next month.

  61. 8 regististered – 1 wrong membership type – 1 already registered

    I have a stay thos Monday night, so now we’ll see what comes.


  62. How do I check to see my status on these? I was able to look at them a couple weeks ago, but now I can’t find the link to that page.

    • Eric, we normally track bonus codes under ‘My Offer Status’. Right now, you’ll only see The Big Win and Ambassador Accelerator offer (if you are an Ambassador member) We’ll have to wait and see if the listed codes above appear after a while or not.

  63. There is another one:


    “You have successfully completed registration for ELITE MEMBER WINBACK BONUS.”

    • What does ELITE mean in this context? I am a long term Platinum member and the codes worked in 2013 but it will not let me register for any that specify ELITE this year. Thanks to you Bart I earnt maybe 100k extra last year and would be good to earn more this year! Peter

  64. Pingback: Liste der Promo-Codes - Seite 6

  65. I just tried registering for all of those. When I logged into my IHG account, they’re not showing up in my account. I received email confirmations that I’ve registered properly. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Hi Lee, this is the case for everybody. We’ll have to wait and see. Again, there’s no guarantee these codes will result in any extra points!

      • I did not even get the confirmation email, just a message on the screen that the codes were accepted. And, of course, not showing on my account, either.
        Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

  66. Happy new year to you Bart.
    Thanks for the codes – you rock!
    Wishing another year of safe and ultimately luxury trips.

  67. Bart, Thank you. Hope this works as well as last year’s heads up. I earned over 150K points. Including 32K for my 1st stay.

    Qualifying Nights1 Earning Details1,348 pts. Bonus Points Earned674 pts. WELCOME BACK BONUS3,000 pts. ELITE MEMBER NEXT STAY BONUS5,000 pts. ELITE MEMBER NEXT STAY BONUS5,000 pts. NEXT STAY BONUS3,000 pts. NEW MEMBER BONUS PROMOTION3,000 pts. 2,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS2,000 pts. ELITE MEMBER NEXT STAY BONUS3,000 pts. ELITE MEMBER NEXT STAY BONUS3,000 pts. 1,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS1,000 pts. ANNIVERSARY BONUS OFFER1,000 pts. NEXT STAY BONUS1,500 pts. Non-Qualifying Nights Non-Qualifying stay Non-Qualifying overlapping Stay Quantity Check-in DateOct 7, 2013 Check-Out DateOct 8, 2013

  68. Great! Just what I needed for my stay at the Intercontinental in Malta next week 😉

    • Good hotel – be sure to try out their new restaurant, Waterbiscuit, which is excellent.

      Not sure how familiar you are with Malta, but we’d also recommend the set menu at Quadro just down the road – great value and 10% off + SPG points for SPG members.

      • Hi Tom, thx for the tip about Waterbiscuit! Had dinner there last night and was exceptional indeed 😉

    • Good hotel. Be sure to check out their excellent new restaurant, Waterbiscuit.

      Not sure how familiar you are with Malta, but we’d also recommend Quadro restaurant, just down the road at the Westin – quality set menu at €35, plus 10% off and SPG points for SPG members.

    • On my IHG Rewards Club Account I typed in the codes listed on this site, they’re not updated on my rewards activity. What should I do?

      • Mark, you mean
        1) You had a stay and did not get any bonus points
        2) The bonus offers do not appear under ‘My Offer Status’?

        • I meant the bonus offers do not appear under “My Offer Status”. They are: New Stay Bonus – 4040; Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 4047; Book With Us – 5147; Weekend Stay Bonus – 6796; Anniversary Bonus – 8000; 1000 Point Gold Bonus – 8301; 5000 Point Platinum Bonus – 8317; Welcome Back Bonus – 8994; New Member Bonus – 9944; 2000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 9990.

            • I had a similar thing a few points bonanza’s ago. They took a few days to appear, but did work

            • Hello, I have a similar issue. so where can I find out if it actually did work?

                • Thanks for your help. I got one more question. Some code (e.g. “NEW MEMBER BONUS PROMOTION”) state “You need 1 stays for the next award”. Do I need to do an additional booking to get this awards?
                  Thanks Limo

    • I made my stay at holiday inn on 1 jan and only 1 code generated some extra points. Hmmm I don’t think any codes will generate any points 1 week after my stay …..

    • Do the codes only work once? Or can I use them every time I stay in a hotel?

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