Tips & Tricks to Book Cheap Flights

1. Use powerful flight search engines

Use aggregators to check airfares on many OTA sites (Online Travel Agencies) simultaneously. My favorites:

Once you have found the flights of your choice, make sure to double check the price on the website of the airline to ensure you are booking at the lowest price. Tip: Verify the price on the local website of the airline. (e.g. the Portuguese website version of a Brazilian airline might offer lower airfares than their English version!) Also keep in mind there might be extra charges for checked luggage, seat selection, credit card payments, etc…
Etihad Business Class Boarding Pass

2. Keep track of deals and promotions

Here’s how to keep track of the latest flight deals and promotions:

  • Sign-up for newsletters of airlines flying to your favorite destinations
  • Monitor frequent flyer forums FlyertalkVielvliegertreff
  • Follow twitter & facebook accounts of travel deal sites (enable notifications!)

Frequent flyer forums like Flyertalk are generally the first to report amazing travel deals (including error fares). The problem is the format in which the information is published which might be quite challenging for newcomers. Tip: use ITA Airline and Airport Code Search to better understand postings on frequent flyer forums. Note that you can also set email alerts for your preferred threads / sections on those forums. That way you get the latest deals automatically in your mailbox. For even faster notifications, follow travel deal sites on social media and enable push notifications for their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. e.g SecretFlying on Twitter and Facebook.

3. Work with an expert

Don’t have time to search for the cheapest flights? Let someone else do the work for you! The folks at guarantee they will find you a cheaper flight, if not, you won’t pay a cent. They can also assist you with booking Business & First Class flights using both cash or miles. You can work with an expert from 50USD.

17 Comments on “Tips & Tricks to Book Cheap Flights

  1. If wanted to fly from belgium to melbourne in september, when should i book ly flight? Right now for the early bird discount or only 6 weeks in advance like you said in a previous post?

    • Hi Maarten, keep an eye on Qatar Airways. They regularly have great promotions to Australia. If you find fares under 900EUR roundtrip, you can book earlier. Qatar had an awesome business class deal to Melbourne back in January, ~1300EUR in business class from Oslo! Keep an eye on the Flyertalk Premium Fares thread too! Enjoy planning your trip!

    • Hi Jan, have you read the article in detail? I do mention 🙂 However, keep in mind they ‘borrow’ most information from sites like!

  2. Hi Bart, we want to go to Las Vegas in August, do you have tips to book our flight?

  3. Hey Bart. Im travelling to Cape Town soon and I just wondering if you had any car rental tips? How to get the best quality for value

  4. Hi Bart,
    just wondering but is there a particular reason why skyscanner dropped from your recommendations?

    • Johan, no particular reason, still a good search engine. I just wanted to keep the list of aggregators limited. Always a good idea to run the same flight search query on several aggregators + the local version (in-country) of the airline’s website once you decided which flight you want to book.

  5. At the moment I see cheap tickets if I pay by VIABUY Mastercard. I don’t have this one. Do you know a cheap website to pay by Amex or Visa Entropay?

  6. Hallo Bart,

    Wij zouden graag naar Gambia gaan.
    Enig idee hoe we aan een goedkope vlucht zouden kunnen geraken ?
    Kunnen tuurlijk ook een package nemen (xx incl.hotel), is mogelijk goedkoper ?
    Mocht je tips voor Gambia hebben ? … ze zouden heel welkom zijn.

  7. Bart, in welke orde van grootte zou ik moeten bieden bij Brussels Airlines om een upgrade te bekomen (economy –>business)? In cash, want heb niet veel miles.
    Het gaat hier over een vlucht naar/van Dakar waarvan ik vermoed dat ze lang niet uitverkocht is want de huidige prijs in economy is erg laag.

    • Moeilijk in te schatten, maar ik zou het min. bedrag bieden tenzij je absoluut in Business Class wil vliegen. Alvast een super trip gewenst!

  8. Hi Bart, Great Blog! Would like to travel first class, to Singapore and Thailand from Miami or Fort Lauderdale in August, Any tips on where to look etc..

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