IHG Rewards Club: The Big Win completed!

With our TravelMagic meet-up at Crowne Plaza Antwerp last weekend, my dad completed his IHG Rewards Club Big Win challenge for 2013.  On top of the 50,100 points earned with The Big Win, he also managed to score an additional 40,500 bonus points by signing up for all the IHG Rewards Club promo codes.  Including base points, he earned a total of 94,946 points.  That’s almost enough for 2 free nights at any of the most expensive IHG properties worldwide (100K) or 19 (!!) free nights at PointBreaks hotels (95K).  To earn the 94,946 points, he spent a total of €233 on four nights (3 stays).
Holiday Inn Brussels Airport €85
Holiday Inn Express Mechelen 2-for-1 rate €76
Crowne Plaza Antwerp Breakfast rate €72

My dad already burned 35,000 of his earned points on 3 free nights at Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort (IHG Rewards Club Oct 2013 Flash Sale, 5K per night) and a one-night stay at Crowne Plaza ANA Narita (20K points).  That leaves 59,946 points in his account to enjoy.  How many points did you manage to earn?  How do you plan to spend them?  Thanks for sharing!

27 Comments on “IHG Rewards Club: The Big Win completed!

  1. Pleased to say that my ‘Big Win’ target points for 2013 came through yesterday! I squeezed through by staying during the last two weekends.

  2. 107782 points for 5 nights and 3 stays (HI Gent, CP Antwerpen, IN Dusseldorf) +-250 euro

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  4. From 6212 to 111.534 points in 3 stays within 6 weeks … the Big Win 2013
    Thanks Bart!!!

  5. Just for information, I found my tracker for the 2013 ‘Big Win’ which is under ‘win.ihg.com’. This year’s is under ‘bigwin.ihg.com’. Now I can compare the two. Hopefully that could help anyone here.

  6. Thanks Bart. I came across your web site through a search engine only today and really enjoy your blogs! When I return to work tomorrow, I will mention you to my colleagues. I will also look out for the IHG promotion codes too!

  7. Hi Bart, thanks for your swift reply on another thread. I completed my ‘Big Win’ for 2013 on 29 December. The points I’m sure will be awarded later this week. I registered for this year’s promotion, though it was by accident. My plan was to wait until the 2013 was fully awarded. Now I’ve lost my 2013 tracker completely but I don’t think it will be a problem. Do you think the same? Happy travelling!

  8. Hi Bart,
    Completed the big win, 4 stays, 7 nights, 115.460 points.
    Thanks again!

  9. Bart, I just received my final points from my Big Win, incl the extra points from all the extra codes you posted on your site…

    When I started in october, I wasn’t even a member, and now I’m a Platinum member with 130407 points in my account! So thx again for al the info you post on this site.

    I got the points with 5 stays and 6 nights (HI Beijing, CP Beijing, 2xHI Macau, HIX Mechelen) for a total of €662 (A bit more then I was planning on because I needed the extra saturday in Mechelen since I didn’t get my planned saturdaynight in Hong Kong as all hotels were fully booked when I got there)

    Normally I don’t spend that much on hotel roooms, but when you count in that I will be able to get a lot of free nights in the future and I got upgraded to the executive floor on my 4 stays in China, it was worth it!

  10. Last points are in too. This brings my total for the Big Win to 101.631 points in 5 nights (HI Brussels Airport, CP Antwerp, HIX Ghent and 2-4-1 IN Dusseldorf). It took me 319 euro.
    I actually didn’t need 5 nights but it was a fun weekend in Dusseldorf so I don’t complain.

  11. Last points for The Big Win 2013 just came in! My total is 103.519 points for 4 nights ( IC Budapest, CP Antwerp, HIX Mechelen and IN Dusseldorf). I earned these points with 289 euro.

  12. Congrats to your Dad (and your advice) Bart! I’m myself one night away from completing, with a choice between a night at Holiday Inn Express Messe in Munich & InterContinental Paris Avenue Marceau… Paris, here I come!

  13. My dad earned 100,250 points with only 195 euro (HIX Mechelen, HI Warsaw Józefów, CP Antwerp) –> about 0,19 eurocent per point!

    I earned 115,000 points with 260 euro (CP Antwerp, HI Warsaw Józefów, IC Warsaw) –> about 0,23 per point!

    For me thats either 4 unforgettable nights in ultimate InterContinental hotels… Or I could book only PointBreaks and spend 40 nights in various hotels. We’ll see I guess 🙂

  14. Ended up spending some €580 for 3 stays (HI Phuket, IC Bankok, CP Antwerp) and received 106,296 points in total.

  15. When trying to book a 2-for-1 rate (HIX Mechelen, 21-23/12) I get a higher then average nightly rate (which makes sense) but the estimated total price projects that rate times 2, is that usual?

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