Brussels Airlines American Express: 26,000 bonus miles!

UPDATE MARCH 2022: The 26,000 miles offer has now expired. However, you can still get the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express card with 20.000 Miles & More bonus miles!
Brussels Airlines American Express welcome bonus 12000 miles
American Express has a very attractive limited time offer: the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express card with 26.000 Miles & More bonus miles for signing up and spending €1500 in the first 3 months using the card. This offer is only valid till 30/04/2019. To receive a personalised sign-up link for this offer, please complete the form below.

Brussels Airlines Premium American Express Credit Card details
Earning airline miles is not limited to flying, you can earn miles with almost anything these days. One of the easiest ways to earn extra miles is signing up for a credit card. You will receive 6000 miles for signing up for the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express card + an additional referral bonus of 6000 miles via my blog. After spending €1500 in the first 3 months using the card, you’ll receive another 14000 bonus miles. Additionally you’ll earn 1,5 miles per euro spent with the card. American Express also provides a yearly bonus of 10000 miles when you spend €20000 in one year. Miles of the Miles & More program can be used to book (and upgrade) flights of any Star Alliance carrier. My preferred way of using Miles & More miles is redeeming them on Lufthansa First Class flights.

Pic: Lufthansa First Class booked with miles
The key to earning the maximum amount of miles is to pay as much as possible with your credit card. Pay all your bills and purchases (both online and offline) with your credit card, every euro counts! Shopping (including groceries), dining, gas, electronics, hotels, airline tickets, … almost everything! The yearly fee of the card is €150 but comes with a number of travel insurances & buyer protection.
Brussels Airlines American Express insurance package travel protection overview
What are the pitfalls?

  • The annual fee of the Brussels Airlines American Express card is €150
  • American Express cards have a high conversion fee (2,5%) for non-euro payments. Use your Brussels Airlines American Express cards for euro payments only. For non-euro payments, I recommend Revolut.

I’m not yet a Miles and More member, where do I sign-up?
You can enroll at the Miles and More website.

Questions? Email me at
Don’t see the form? Click here.

To receive a personalised sign-up link, please complete the form below.

Full disclosure: By signing up for the Brussels Airlines American Express card using your personalised link, I will also receive bonus miles. Thank you for supporting my travel blog and enjoy your sign-up bonus. 🙂

15 Comments on “Brussels Airlines American Express: 26,000 bonus miles!

  1. Hi Bart,

    Are you aware if Alpha Card also supports this card for companies? I co-own a few internet companies with recurring expenses and would like to collect M&M miles. However, the default Amex corporate card only seems to convert 2:1 into M&M miles.


      • That is very.. unfortunate. 😦 Are you aware of any interesting corporate cards, aside from the original corporate Amex?

        Also, if I were to get this card personally, do the miles accumulated through the card count towards M&M Frequent Traveller and Senator status? I read somewhere that transferred miles from Amex to M&M do not account for both statuses so was wondering if these miles do actually count.

        • Hi Charles, the miles earned with the M&M American Express card are ‘award miles’ which can be used to book award tickets. Status miles to achieve status within the M&M program (e.g. Senator status) can only be earned by flying on Star Alliance network flights.

  2. Hi Bart, I recently applied for the AMEX Brussels Airlines Premium card, using your referral link. I received the 6000 bonus points on M&M however just like another of your followers mentioned, did not receive the referral 6000 miles. Morever, I called AMEX twice about this so far and they are completely unaware about the “referral” miles for both yourself and me. They advised me to raise a complaint with them about this. Any advise on this from your side?
    thanks in advance, Werner

    • Hi Werner, no worries. The Alpha Card Amex agents are unfortunately unaware of the referral program. However, your referral miles will post, but as it is a manual process, it might take until the second Amex statement before you receive them in your M&M account. If they don’t post after your second statement, email me at and I’ll contact my Alpha Card liaison to have it corrected. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply Bart…..I will keep you in the loop….kind regards, Werner

  3. Hi all,

    I have signed up through the referral link and have received my initial 6000 miles welcome bonus for signing up, however I have not yet received the additional 6000 miles from the referral. Anyone have an idea how long it takes for those to be credited?


    • Hi Andrew, it can take up to two payment cycles before the extra bonus miles post. Let me know in case they don’t post by next month, then I’ll follow up for you with AlphaCard.

  4. Hi Bart, can you send me a link before this offer expires? I filled in the form. Sorry for the short notice!

  5. Hi Bart,

    Thanks for the info on the great deal. I have been looking for a credit card from Belgium for a long while but was always underwhelmed by the options compared to the US.
    I filled in the form, but not receiving a link. I have checked the spam folder but not there either.

  6. Hi Bart,
    Thanks for the information. I love it! 🙂
    I have been following you and your blog for many years already (cfr. Travel Magic 2013), and as a consequence I m already signed up for the Brussels Airlines AMEX for some time now.
    Any chance there is a potential (miles) benefit for already existing customers?
    Please advise how best to proceed.
    Many thanks in advance and all te best with your travels for 2019.

    • Hi Bruno, thanks for your feedback. The offer above is indeed only valid for customers who didn’t have the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express card in the past 12 months. I’m checking with American Express whether this offer is valid for customers who only had the Brussels Airlines Preferred American Express card. I’ll also encourage American Express to consider an offer for existing card holders, e.g. spend x amount of Euro with the card in 3 months to get extra bonus miles.

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