How to find really cheap hotels using Google

Pic: Search all hotels in Belgium at once using Google Hotel Finder!
Google Hotel Finder allows you to search hotels the Google way: a neat interface with some really cool sorting and filtering options.  The first great find of the day: You can search all hotels in Belgium at once! (at least for now)

Pic: Use Google Hotel Finder to spot amazing hotel deals!
The search query above returns 2532 available hotels for a Sunday night stay in Belgium.  If you apply the ‘Sort by Price Compared to Usual’ function, you can spot some really good deals.  In this case Google Hotel Finder revealed the Park Inn by Radisson Leuven was available for just $46 (€37,50) which is indeed 50% less than the usual rate we see at this hotel.

Pic: Park Inn by Radisson Leuven for €37,50 via (Mar 2013)
This makes Google Hotel Finder an awesome tool for Best Rate Guarantee claims!  What other great hacks did you find using Google Hotel Finder?  Please share them in the comments section of this blog post, thanks!

5 Comments on “How to find really cheap hotels using Google

  1. Park Inn by Radisson Leuven is also available via for
    €42,50 Mon 1 Apr 2013 to Tues 2 Apr 2013
    €37,50 Sun 7 Apr 2013 to Mon 8 Apr 2013
    Hotel Sofitel Brussels Le Louise (5*) via for
    €80 Sat 6 Apr 2013 to Sun 7 Apr 2013

  2. The ‘Belgium’ query seems to leave out the city of Antwerp and it does include some of the neighboring cities in France and Germany. You can also perform a search on ‘The Netherlands’ but this query returns mainly hotels in Germany! Weird Google geography. Need to play around a bit with the ‘Custom Area’ option.

  3. Spotted some good deals at Park Inn by Radisson Liege Airport too via Google Hotel Finder (e.g. €59 Sat 23 Mar 2013 to Sun 24 Mar 2013)

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