All IHG Rewards Club Bonus Points Codes

Update Jan 2014: Make sure to check the IHG Rewards Club 2014 Promo Codes list
IHG Rewards Club
(previously known as Priority Club) is the loyalty program of InterContinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo and some smaller brands.  The program offers a number of bonus codes which allow you to earn thousands of extra points.  In fact, after one stay using the codes below, you’ll earn enough points for at least one free night!  (free nights start at 5000 points)

If you don’t have an IHG Rewards Club account yet, register here.
Visit this link to register for all bonus codes or click on the codes below.
Book Direct – 2619 (2000 Bonus Points, up to 4 stays)
5000 point Platinum – 4777 (5000 Bonus Points)
New member bonus – 4648 (1500 Bonus Points)
New member bonus for 90 Days – 1027 (3000 Bonus Points per stay)
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 2785 (3000 Bonus Points)
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 3825 (3000 Bonus Points)
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 1012 (5000 Bonus Points)
Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 1037 (5000 Bonus Points)
Next Stay Bonus – 7641 (1500 Bonus Points)
Next Stay Bonus – 4041 (3000 Bonus Points)
Welcome Back Bonus – 2656 (1500 Bonus Points)
Welcome Back Bonus – 1023 (3000 Bonus Points)
1000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 4709 (1000 Bonus Points per stay)
2000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 1041 (2000 Bonus Points per stay)
Anniversary Bonus for 90 Days – 4644 (1000 Bonus Points per stay)
Remark: Some of the codes might require elite level status.  You can obtain elite level by status match (e.g. Le Club AccorHotels Platinum -> Best Western Rewards -> IHG Rewards Club) or by buying an IHG InterContinental Ambassador membership.
Pic: After entering all bonus codes, you’ll see something like this under “My Offer Status”

But there’s more… until the end of 2013, you can participate in The Big Win offer.  New members can earn up to 50,000 bonus points, existing members even more.  As a new member you can earn the 50K points after just four nights:

  • Stay 4 nights
  • Stay at 3 different brands (e.g. Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Express)
  • Include 2 Saturday Nights
  • Use the IHG website to make your bookings
  • Complete a small survey

Conclusion:  Using the promotion codes above in combination with The Big Win offer, you can earn A LOT of extra IHG Rewards Club points.  Free nights start at 5000 points (PointBreaks), making this a very attractive offer.
Hat tip: LoyatlyLobby

52 Comments on “All IHG Rewards Club Bonus Points Codes

  1. Hi Bart,

    New reader here — thanks for the info!

    I had an existing reservation before registering for offers. Do you think that if I cancel and rebook will that apply the registered offers?


  2. Bart,

    I want to book a night at Holiday Inn Leiden. The king bed executive.
    If i book for 1 person the price is 58€ + 15€ breakfast = 73€ without taxes.
    If i book for 2 persons the price is 58€ + 15€ Extra person charge without breakfast.
    And If i ad breakfast for 15€ (wich states up to 2 guests) the extra person changes to 25€ So my total price without taxes becomes 98€ instead. For the same room and breakfast that should be for 2 persons.
    Do you know the reason for this and can i book for 1 person and go with 2?


    • Michel, I suggest you contact IHG Customer Care or the hotel for this question. Did you try to make the booking via a mobile device, sometimes results in other options.

      • Thx, I tried but booking on the mobile app gives the same price. I will contact IHG for this.

  3. Hey Bart, I somehow can’t register for the elite bonus point codes, even though I have Platinum status (just got matched yesterday). Do I have to wait? Thx!

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  5. Hey, I have registered for all the codes but they are not showed in my status offer. Not a single one:/

  6. I entered in all the codes, but its not showing up in ‘offer status’ page… Anyone know whats up?

  7. We just did our first “matress run” :). We stayed at the Holiday inn Express in Rotterdam for 52 Euro with breakfast included and earned 34753 points. Thx for all the info Bart.

  8. Well done!! Having 2,305,049 points myself, I’m somewhat of a hound on this. While I will be following your blog, I’m very curious how you get the list of codes!

  9. Newbie here. Are there anything other “rules” with these codes. I just add them to my account and then book a stay? The codes will automatically update or do I have to enter them somewhere upon booking? And will all the codes stack automatically as well? Thanks.

    • Hi Tiffany, just register for all the codes then make your booking. In case you want to verify, ‘My Offer Status’ under your IHG account will list most of the codes you have registered for. Note that most codes expires Dec 31, 2013. You’ll need to register and stay before year-end to receive the points! Enjoy.

  10. Thanks for posting these offers! How can I get more details on each one (like expiration dates, etc)?

    • DJ, as we are not targeted for these offers, its unclear how long they will last. I recommend to register for all codes and stay at least once before year-end 2013. Thanks.

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  12. Hi,

    Accessing some of these codes, I notice that a lot of them expire 31 December. Do I have to physically stay in a hotel before then, or is it enough to make a booking now for a stay in January to redeem these points?

    On a separate point, I have not yet been credited points for a stay a few weeks ago (before I activated some of the offers). If I fill in the ‘missing points form’ and receive the points through now, will that trigger the offers, or will they realise the stay was from before I activated the offers


    • Mark,

      Missing stay request might trigger the offers, indeed. Note that you will need to stay at an IHG hotel before the end of 2013 to receive all the bonus points. Just making a reservation for 2014 will NOT work. Thanks.

  13. I stayed 1 night at IC Chicago and got just over 36,000 points. Can I continue to earn these huge point totals on subsequent 1 night stays? Or do the promos only work 1 time?

    • James, thank you for your feedback. Only the codes ending with “for xx days” will post for each stay during that period. All other codes can only be used once.

  14. Do I have to pay cash to qualify the big win promotion and other code promotion you provided above? Or using 5000 points per night counts on them?

  15. Thanks! Can I assume that a night is also a qualifying night for the Big Win when making the booking on the IHG site the points are reflected that I will earn for the stay?

    I noticed in some bookings that the 2×1 rate would give me points, but the very cheap rates not. Some applies for the 35% off rate.

  16. Hi Bart, do you know whether or not the 2 for 1 promo of IHG is a qualifying rate for the Big Win?

    • Hi Leon,

      The 2 for 1 rate should be qualifying for the Big Win. I did the test last weekend, and both nights posted as qualifying nights on my IHG account. I’m still waiting for the Big Win page to update. Will let you know as soon as it posts. Thanks.

  17. Hey Bart, thanks for the overview of codes. Enrolled recently in IHG programme. Just had our first stay and collected 35.713 points with 1 night at the Holiday Inn Express.

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  19. Dear Bart. Do you know the e mail address for status match in ihg? Thanks a lot. Greg from Brussels

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