IHG Rewards Club: Gold status after one stay

Pic: IHG Rewards Club membership cards: Club, Gold and Platinum
Last week, I published a post with all known IHG Rewards Club bonus codes.  I decided to put them to the test and registered a new IHG Rewards Club account for my father.  Last weekend, I did a mattress run at nearby Holiday Inn Brussels Airport and today the results came in.  Not every promotion code worked, but most did.  What would have normally been a 987 points stay, turned into a 22,487 points stay thanks to the bonus codes!  I also earned Gold Status thanks to promotional code 1038. (new!)

Pic: IHG Rewards Club – Account Activity after a 1 night stay using all bonus codes.
I value IHG Rewards Club points at $70 per 10,000 points, which is the cheapest price you can buy them at using the points + cash trick.  This stay earned me around $150 in points which I can redeem for 4 free nights using the PointBreaks offer.  Staying 2 more times at two different IHG brands (total of 3 nights) will complete my The Big Win offer, netting me another 50,000 points!

43 Comments on “IHG Rewards Club: Gold status after one stay

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  2. Bart – amazing blog, thank you. Your second Saturday stay was booked by your father, with you as guest, yet *YOU* (and your father) received a Saturday stay that counted towards Big Win?

  3. Bart, chalk it up to me being a dunce. I didn’t read thoroughly and I only registered for the gold elite upgrade thinking it was a package deal. My apologies and I now see the link to the list of codes you previously provided.

  4. Received Gold status next stay after registering using your link. Didn’t get the 25000 bonus points. Still giving kudos for the information!

      • Bart, I didn’t receive any bonus points (unless they are credited much later?). I received gold status and 2887 points for the qualifying stay

        • When was your stay? You signed up for all the codes and received none of them? Which codes do you see listed under ‘My offer status’ in your IHG Rewards Club account? What rate type did you use for your stay?

  5. I know that through IHG you can get miles too. But if you buy points with the trick, would you be able to convert those points to miles too? The 5 to 1 ratio isn’t good but I’m curious 🙂

  6. How do you activate all fhese codes on yr account. Where do you insert them? Im platinum

  7. I have another quick question but iI am not exactly sure where to post it so i am posting it here: Am I allowed to apply for a business credit card even if i am not the owner of the business?

    • Not sure which card you are referring to, but you can always try. I would imagine they will require you to provide your company registration number or VAT number.

  8. In order for the points to post do we have to only put in the code and make a booking or do we have to achieve a certain amount of nights for the points to post? In other words, did you do anything before your stay in order to get redited with all those points?

  9. No worries Bart. Just some curiosities as I was trying to estimate what I could earn from a matress run after registering for all of the codes. I was primarily trying to get a handle on any excluded rates and/or properties, but I’m thinking as long as I book a BAR at my local HI, I’ll be okay on having a qualifying stay to trigger the credits. I’m Platinum already, so I imagine my haul could be even larger. And I do indeed knowNOT to contact IHG! Thanks again.

  10. Great info! A few questions though: do you know if all of the codes you registered for work on this stay? Or did some not credit points? Is there anywhere to find T&Cs or excluded properties for any of these codes? Thanks!

    • Thomas, some codes didn’t work as they required:
      – Platinum elite status which I didn’t have yet. Bonuses will post after my next stay as I’m in the progress of doing a status match with Best Western Diamond.
      – A US or Asia Pacific address (I’m based in Belgium)

      There are no official T&C available for each code.

      Note: DO NOT contact IHG Rewards Club to inquire about these codes. They are targeted offers and you are not supposed to sign-up for all of them on one single account. That being said, we’ve been using similar codes for several years and never had any issues.

  11. When will the received gold status with code 1038 expire ?
    I now have platinum status (with status match Hilton Gold), but it will expire the end of the year … 😦

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  13. Thanks for yet again a great blog post!
    In order to get all those points, do you just activate all your codes in your account and then book via the website of IHG? Or do you have to type in all these codes upon booking? Or can you even use another booking site such as booking.com and still get all these points?

    • Hi Thomas, just activate all the codes, then book whenever suits you at IHG.com Note that third party bookings at OTA’s like Booking.com are NOT eligible for points nor elite perks.

      • So the only way to collect the points is by booking directly via IHG.com? As all of my work related trips are booked via a third party… but this is not a problem for e.g. the SPG program.
        Thanks for clarifying this…

        • Hi Gunter,

          Bookings need to be made via one of IHG’s booking systems/sites to earn points. Corporate booking agents (e.g. Carlson Wagonlit, BCD Travel, etc…) use GDS systems which are eligible for points. However, sites like booking.com, hotels.com, expedia.com generate bookings which are not eligible for points.

          Hope this clarifies. Thanks

  14. Hey Bart,

    I have 2 questions about the IHG program:

    Do you earn the explained points in this article by booking 2 night with the 2 for 1 offer?

    Do I get my Upgrade with the Ambassador status when I book a room with the 2 for 1 offer?

    Thank you so much for this amazing blog, I’ve just spent another 5 hours reading it 🙂


    • Hi Kevin,

      I’ve used the 2 for 1 rate many times in the past and each time received the points.

      Yes, the 2 for 1 rate is eligible for all elite status perks including upgrades!

      Thanks for reading my blog!

  15. So correct me if I’m wrong: you made the reservation with your dad’s IHG account and added you as second name to the reservation to check-in without any problem ? What about the collected points ? Do you transfer them later to your account ?

  16. Can you use your Father’s points to book point breaks for yourself?

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