IHG Rewards Club: The Big Win 2014 live!

Registration for IHG Rewards Club The Big Win 2014 is now live.  Here’s the offer I got:

  • Stay a total of 7 nights and earn 9,200 points
  • Stay at 4 different IHG brands and earn 19,200 points
  • Book 1 stays through the Best Flexible Rate with Breakfast and earn 2,000 points
  • Stay at 2 of the following locations below and earn 9,600 points
  • Stay 3 Saturday nights and earn 5,600 points
  • Book 3 separate stays through the IHG app and earn 5,600 points
  • Complete 5 of your offers and earn 21,000 points

The 2014 Big Win offer seems to be less generous than its 2013 predecessor.  Still, it might make sense to complete some of your offers.  Keep in mind the maximum value of IHG Rewards Club points is $70 per 10,000 points, as you can buy them via the cash + points trick at this price.  Feel free to share your personalized offer in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

Pic: My personalized IHG Rewards Club The Big Win 2014 offer

Pic: IHG Brands – InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, …

76 Comments on “IHG Rewards Club: The Big Win 2014 live!

  1. I have the same question as Hank. Next big win not until 2015?

  2. Can I booked for a friend ?
    Qualify for the Big Win & promotion code ?

    • Wendy, the booking will be on your name, but you can add your friend as second guest in the booking. This will allow him/her to check-in.

    • I’m new from IHG, 0 points right now,
      planning to book my own hotel in summer (peak season)
      My friend’s booking next week cost US$80, think that I can take the advantage of points earned from he, mine’s US$200+

  3. Hi,
    I’m new from IHG membership, I’m going to book my 1st booking for Big Win & Promotion Codes (registered already), can I booked for a friend instead of myself under my IHG A/C, how long will the points post into A/C.
    I need the points to have my other booking in Peak Season (points+cash), that sound cost-savings, while my friend’s US$80 and mine’s (15,000 points+US$70) vs US$180

  4. How does one earn the Social First Share and Social Influencer Badges?

    I have shared on Facebook and Twitter and they are not coming in 😦

  5. What if the rate type is “special offer”? Will this count? Doesn’t seem to fit any of the descriptions in the T&Cs so I’m hopeful. It was simply a rate that populated when searching the IHG website on a specific night for a Holiday Inn.

      • What was the special rate I’ve not noticed any kicking about for a while. There used to be 35% off code and 2 nights for 1 do you have anything like these which is currently valid?

        • Thomas, unfortunately both rates are no longer available as of 2014. There’s still the friend and family rate (which doesn’t qualify for points) and the new 10% IHG Rewards Club member discount (earns points)

  6. Hi Bart I have now completed most of my big win challenges, I have earned 83600points out of 97400. I have done this with only 4 nights stay. The only offer I have not completed is stay 7 nights which is worth an extra 13800 points so I’m wondering whether it’s worth it or not I would need another 3 cheap nights. What I was wondering is if book a few nights through reward nights and use my points will these count as qualifying stays for big win?

    • Hi Thomas, rewards nights do not count for the Big Win. If you don’t need the nights, I wouldn’t do a mattress run to earn the remaining 13800 points (value of the points = ~$100)

  7. Hi Bart,

    I’m collecting in Miles (M&M) instead of points and got following offer:

    1 night = 500 miles
    Stay more = 1000 miles
    Explore our brands = 2000 miles
    Book with IHG = 500 miles (2 different stays)
    Win in a weekend = 2000 miles
    Change view = 1000 miles (stay in 2 different holiday inn hotels)
    Win Big = 2000 miles (complete 5 of the above)

    Would you recommend to keep collecting in miles instead of points (miles as preferred choice)?



  8. Hi Bart! If I book a room with a bonus point package of 1000 or 5000 bonus points, will this be counted towards the Big Win? Thanks in advance! Amy

  9. Bart do cash + points stays count towards the Big Win? Do the other stackable bonuses apply when booking cash + points?

    • Dave, points + cash bookings do not count towards the Big Win and do not trigger the bonus points. The points + cash nights (and reward nights) do count as Elite Qualifying Nights. Thanks.

      • One more question. I have a long layover in Bangkok and then the same Saturday an overnight in Hong Kong. If I checked into a Holiday Inn in Bangkok and then later that day in Hong Kong, would that count as 2 of the 3 Saturday stays I need for the Big Win or just one Saturday since it would be the same date? I would ask IHG but I haven’t been impressed the few times I’ve used them

  10. Hi Bart I have now completed a few of my offers, one of my offers live the city life 14400 these points are now showing on my account point balance however when I log into the big win website it still shows 0 pts of 94400 available and doesn’t have anything registered will this matter or does it just take longer to show here.

  11. Thx that’s great.
    I’m a new member since december 2013 and had only one stay last year. My big win total is only 31000 point but can be done with 3 saturday nights in different brands. Easy to start as a newbie :).

  12. Bart,
    Does Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express count as different brands for qualifying?

  13. Hi Bart,

    Do you know if AAA rates count as nights for the Big Win?

    Thank you!

  14. Bart,

    In that case I will just register right now and wait and see. I will post the challenge.


  15. Dear all,

    Does anyone know if the Big Win challenge is influenced by your IHG elite status? I still have to request for a status match for my IHG account to platinum. I am a member since 2008 but didn’t stay at IHG properties in the past few years. So I’m wondering about the best timing for my registration for the Big Win in order to receive the easiest challenge ;-).


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  17. Hi I’m also trying to complete and accept my challenge few questions hope you can answer for me!
    1 of my offers is 4 different brands and 1 is 2 sat nights can I combine these offers ie if is stay at an indigo brand on a sat night will this count towards both offers??
    I’m booking through the ihg members page and receiving advance rate with 10% discount will booking these discounted rates be eligible for the promotion

    • Hi Thomas, yes, one stay will count for multiple challenges. The ‘Exclusive Member Discount’ rate is eligible for the Big Win. Enjoy your stays at IHG!

  18. Hi, does you know of any promo codes for Q1 2014 other than the big win? Looking to boost my points as wanting a couple of rooms in NYC later in the year.

  19. Hi, I’ve completed my ‘Big Win’ for 2013,and waiting for my points. Do I need to register again for this year? I also booked last year, stays for the next months, will they count for this year’s ‘Big Win’, thanks and a Happy New Year.

    • Ian, congratulations with the completion of your 2013 Big Win Challenge. Yes, you’ll need to register again for the 2014 Big Win using the link in this blog post (see above). No worries about the stays you’ve already booked, they will count for the 2014 Big Win. Happy New Year!

      • Bart, I’ve mentioned on another thread (new to this!) that my 2013 target points came through yesterday! Ready to go for 2014 and registered the codes you supplied yesterday. Let’s see where it takes us all!

  20. Here is my offer:

    5 nights 8,400 points
    3 different IHG brands 17,600 points
    2 separate stays through an IHG® hotel website 1,900 points
    Survey 100 points
    2 locations 16,000 points
    2 Saturday nights 8,000 points
    2 Holiday Inn® hotels 4,800 points
    7 offers 57,000 points

    total 113,800

    Don’t think I’ll be able to complete this one, but you never know.

  21. I already noticed that as well!

    My offer is for 85000 or so and requires stays at 7 (!) Holiday Inn Express, which is good value wise :).

    By combining offers I can do it in 8 nights 🙂

  22. Hi Bart,

    An unpleasant surprise. I just looked up some January 2014 rates on the IHG app on my ipad as I need to book three stays through the app in order to qualify for the BW 2014. I noticed that through the app prices are higher compared to a price on the regular IHG.com site. On the normal site I can benefit from the IHG member discount of 10% on many rates, while this discount does not come up when you want to book through the app. Did you noticed this already?


    • Leon, the 10% discount is a temporary promo for IHG Rewards Club members. Are you logged on as IHG Rewards Club member in the app? Thanks

      • Bart, I was logged in as a member. It’s a not big thing. But I know some people who need to book quiet a few stays through the mobile app in order to qualify for the BW2014. So I am not sure if it`s a bug of the app, or IHG included this as a “challenge” while the knew this upfront.

        Did you try already had a chance to check? thanks

        • Leon, this seems to be a bug indeed. On my iPhone app it first shows the lower rate in the overview of all available hotels, but when I selected a certain hotel, the list of available rates does not include the 10% off IHG member rate!

  23. Stay 4 nights – 8,000
    Stay 2 different IHG brands – 16,000
    Stay 2 Saturday nights – 8,000
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Express – 8,000
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inns – 8,000
    Complete all offers – 48,000

  24. 5 nights,
    3 chains,
    2 x in Crowne Plaza
    1 best flex rate with breakfast
    2 “city life” nights
    2 saturday nights
    and the little survey…

    To get 84.300 points

    Challenge accepted, IHG! 😉

  25. Mine 8k miles being offered this time.

    @bart any articles comparing points to miles? I’d appreciated if you can share. Last fall offered in points, then change miles preference. Still experimenting.

    • Thanks for sharing your offer MS. You’ll get most value out of your IHG hotel stays by collecting points. However, if you are not interested in staying at IHG hotels (e.g. You stay at IHG hotels for business only) you can decide to collect miles.

  26. Hi

    Here is what they propose. Doesn’t look very lucrative.

    Stay more and earn – 10800 points (11 nights)
    Live the city life – 16000 points (2 nights)
    Win in a weekend – 12000 points (7 saturdays)
    Change your view – 6400 points (4 nights at HIX)
    Big win – 45000 points

    Total: 90300 points

    Need a lot of travelmagic meetup 🙂

  27. Hi Bart, thx for sharing again.

    Seems everyone gets a ‘unique’ offer indeed.
    So here is my contribution:

    Stay more and earn – 8000 points (4 nights)
    Live the city life – 16000 points (2 nights)
    Win in a weekend – 8000 points (2 saturdays)
    IHG mobile app booking – 8000 points (2 nights)
    Savor the local flavor – 12000 points (2 nights at two different Indigo hotels)
    Big win – 52000 points

    Total: 104.000 points

    Not too happy about the Indigo one – seems I have to get to Berlin for a change.

  28. Stay more and earn – 12000 pkt (4 nighs)
    Explore our brands – 24000 pkt (2 brands)
    Start the day off right – 3000 pkt (1 night Best Flexible Rate with breakfast)
    Live the city life – 24000 pkt (2 nights)
    Win in a weekend – 12000 pkt (2 saturdays)
    IHG mobile app booking – 12000 pkt (2 nights)
    Stay smart – 12000pkt (2 nights in HIX)
    WIN BIG 99000
    I have Platinum status, and account from 2012.

  29. I have

    Stay 4 nights : 12.000 pts
    Stay 2 different brands : 24.000 pts
    1 stay Best Flexible with Breakfast : 3.000 pts
    Stay 2 locations of the list : 24.000 pts
    Stay 2 saturday nights : 12.000 pts
    Stay at 2 InterContinental : 24.000 pts
    Survey : 100 pts
    Big Win : Complete 6 offers and earn 44.000 pts

    Total : 143.100 pts

    Do you know Bart if “free” Best Rate Garantee nights count ?

    • Thanks for sharing your (very generous!) Big Win offer Niki. I guess a free BRG stay would not count, but it might help to charge something to your room (e.g. drink from mini-bar) to trigger a qualifying stay.

      • I’ll try soon and keep you informed, I wonder if point break nights would also count ? would be a cheap way to earn a lot of points

        • Point breaks do not count for The Big Win, however they do count (as all reward nights) as elite qualifying nights to obtain/maintain your IHG Rewards Club status.

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