Lufthansa A380 First Class: Frankfurt – Singapore

Pic: Lufthansa First Class tickets – Frankfurt to Singapore on A380 (Jul 2013)
Back in December 2012, I gave my parents two Lufthansa First Class round trip tickets to Singapore as their Christmas present.  They had never been to Asia before, so I promised them I would join as their tour guide.  “Two First Class tickets on the A380 to Singapore, that must have been expensive”, I hear you say.  At the time of my booking, Lufthansa was charging €15210 for the two tickets.  Instead, I used 315.000 Miles & More miles + €930 in taxes & fees. Now, I didn’t really book a ticket for my parents, I booked one for myself and my father as I wanted to use the Miles & More Senator Companion Award benefit.  There were only two First Class award seats available on flight LH778 and LH779 in Dec 2012, so I booked my mother in Business Class with the idea that if Lufthansa did not release more First Class seats, I would take the dentist chair and have my parents in First.  Fortunately, that wasn’t necessary.  Six days before departure Lufthansa released more F Class seats our outbound flight LH778.  It was an even closer call for the inbound flight, where I had to call the Singapore Miles & More service center less than 24 hours before departure to get ahold of my third First Class award seat on our return flight LH779.  Unfortunately, I had to pay the full 210,000 miles + €465 in taxes & fees for that third First Class award, quite a steep number of award miles compared to other Star Alliance award redemption charts.  Our total came to 525,000 miles + €1395 in taxes & fees for three First Class award tickets BRU-FRA-SIN-FRA-BRU with the segments between Brussels and Frankfurt in Lufthansa Business Class.

Pic: Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt (Jul 2013)

Pic: At the entrance of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in FRA (Jul 2013)
Flying First Class with Lufthansa means you can use their famous First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.  This terminal is a dedicated building just for Lufthansa First Class passengers, which has its own security, à la carte dining, spacious bathrooms, sleeping rooms, cigar lounge, bar with exclusive liquors and champagnes, etc… All included in your First Class ticket, of course.

Pic: Bathroom at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt  (Jul 2013)

Pic: Panasonic Relaxation Chairs at Lufthansa First Class Terminal (Jul 2013)

Pic: Make you own cocktails bar at Lufthansa First Class Terminal (Jul 2013)

Pic: Villiger Cigars Humidor at Lufthansa First Class Terminal (Jul 2013)

Pic: Lufthansa First Class Porsche Cayenne Chauffeur Service (Jul 2013)

Pic: Lufthansa First Class Terminal Chauffeur Service in Frankfurt (Jul 2013)
There is no need to walk to the gate when you’re flying from the Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport.  You will be escoreted and driven onto the tarmac in an exclusive car right to your plane!  We had the pleasure of enjoying a Mercedes S and Porsche Cayenne ride.

Pic: Lufthansa Airbus A380 ‘Peking’ at Frankfurt Airport (Jul 2013)

Pic: Lufthansa Airbus A380 First Class Cabin – 8 seats out of 526! (Jul 2013)

Pic: My First Class seat 1A on Lufthansa A380 flight LH779 (Jul 2013)

Pic: Pre-departure drink in First Class: Champagne, of course!  (Jul 2013)

Pic: Alfred Gratien Cuvée Paradis Brut Champagne (Jul 2013)

Pic: Lufthansa A380 First Class – Caviar Service Cart (Jul 2013)

Pic: Lufthansa First Class – Caviar with the traditional garnishes (Jul 2013)

Pic: Lheraud Cuvee 30 Petite Champagne Cognac at LH First Class (Jul 2013)

Pic: One of the two spacious Lufthansa First Class bathrooms (Jul 2013)

Pic: Full Flat Bed in First Class on Lufthansa A380 to Singapore (Jul 2013)

Pic: Lufthansa First Class beds 1D and 1G with privacy screens up (Jul 2013)

Pic: My Lufthansa A380 First Class bed 1A on flight LH779 from SIN to FRA

Pic: With my parents in Lufthansa First Class on the Airbus A380 (Jul 2013)

17 Comments on “Lufthansa A380 First Class: Frankfurt – Singapore

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  3. What a nice read, and great pictures! I am not a great fan of Lufthansa, but see they must have good customer service. My son and I both lost almost 100,000 miles on United, which sucks. We’ve since switched to Delta as our primary carrier and registered on Star Alliance to use on its affiliates.
    Anyway, you must fly a lot to accumulate so many miles, and of course you could not have found a better way to use them!
    I found your website while searching for the flight status of LH 779. My kids live in BRU as well. Possibly making the same connection home as flying via FRA.
    Thanks for the nice photos and happy flying.

  4. Hi Bart,

    How come the taxes you pay are reasonably cheap?
    Everytime I book award travel for intercontinental Business class taxes are min 450 EUR pp. Within Europe I even pay 130 EUR taxes pp.


    • Tom, awards flights in Europe don’t make much sense due to the high fuel surcharges. There are a number of routes / carriers with lower fuel surcharges. e.g. LOT business class to the US. If I have time, I’ll write a blog post about it.

  5. Hope to give the same experience to my parents. It just look awesome. And what a way to end the review with the picture of the family. Nice 1

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  7. Cute pic at the end.

    But how did you manage to get >500k award miles in your MaM account? Sure you did mention various ways in your previous blog posts. But even using those methods it is an amount that is out of reach for many people that are denied business travel (ie the TravelMagic public), except if they would save up for 5 years or more risking continuous mile devaluations etc.

    Are you a really big spender on your AMEX Premium card (talking 6+ digits/annum)? Or do you do an awful lot of business travel that we aren’t aware of?

    • It took me 3 years to save enough miles for the three First Class award tickets. At least 250K miles were earned by flying (butt-in-seat, mainly long-haul Economy, twice Business Class incl LH €1111 fare) 20K by taking 3 year subscription on The Economist, ~130K via credit card spend (1,5 miles per euro + welcome bonuses + 4K via auto cellphone payments + 10K for spending €20K) Remaining miles via credit card referral program (see Sometimes there are also opportunities to buy miles on the cheap e.g.

      The fastest way to experience Lufthansa First Class with Miles & More is to book a one-way award to Middle East / Caucasus/ North or
      Central Africa. Just 62K miles.

      • Ok thank you, now I understand how you got there. I had the impression that you were able to get these tickets after just +/- 1 year of saving, since you also posted other MaM redemptions before on your blog, but apparently I was wrong. I’m currently able to rack up about 120k miles a year using the methods above and would need more than 4 years without any redemptions to get to >500k miles.

        You were indeed lucky with the referral program but obviously that is something that you deserve as a reward for your hard work explaining the magic of cheap travel to all of us.

        Agree with the opportunity to buy miles but with MaM itself it’s limited to 14400 miles/annum (exceptionally 24k this year with the anniversary). Thank you for the interesting MeliaRewards link!

        If possible, I would be really looking forward to another “round-up” post where you indicate your current statuses and mileage levels and how you built them, these posts are extremely useful!

        And also please post the schedules of the TravelMagic event please so we know which track to choose :-).

        • Thanks for the feedback, Simon. You’ll be able to mix beginner and advanced sessions at TravelMagic, so no worries about the track selection. I’ll try to finalize the schedule by the end of this week (Aug 18) Thanks

  8. Must be a wonderfull experience.
    For the moment i keep it to economy class.

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