Presentation: Luxury Travel on a Budget

On May 16, I spoke at a seminar for hospitality professionals called Hotel ’13.  Afterwards, I translated my presentation to English and posted it on SlideShare which featured it as ‘Top Presentation of the Day‘.  Result: a whopping +24,000 views in 24 hours! 🙂

6 Comments on “Presentation: Luxury Travel on a Budget

  1. I always wondered how you did it. Now it makes sense: you just have A LOT of miles/loyalty saved or bought!! Most people don’t have 100,000 miles saved at just 1 airline group.
    So it’s not that magical at all !?

    • Strategically buying loyalty points or miles is one of the ways which allows people to significantly lower the cost of their luxury hotel stay or Business / First Class airline ticket. For outsider this looks like ‘magic’, that’s why we call it TravelMagic.

  2. Hello,
    Vanavond een zeer interessante reportage op France 02 om 01h20. Men toont aan hoe booking-sites ( expedia-…) reizigers erop leggen. Ik heb hem donderdagavond bekeken; hallucinant!!!


  3. bart est le myeur mimi !! lui ossi a f luftanza en first avec le style en plus !!

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