Lufthansa Miles and More – Senator

Pic: Senator Welcome Kit – Lufthansa Miles and MoreBrussels Airlines

Pic: Miles and More Senator Card – Brussels Airlines – Star Alliance Gold

Pic: Lufthansa Miles and More – Senator Luggage tags (Dec 2011)
With my Lufthansa Business Class flight to Rio de Janeiro earlier this month,
I complete my challenge for Star Alliance Gold and unexpectedly enjoyed the new Lufthansa First Class.  Last week I received my Senator Welcome Package in the mail.  For the next two years (until 02/2014) I will enjoy the following benefits:

  • First Class Check-in: Even when flying economy class
  • Lounges: Access to all Star Alliance Gold lounges and the Lufthansa Senator Lounges
  • Priority Baggage Handling: Red luggage tag means bags are the first to be delivered to their destination
  • Increased Free Baggage Allowance: Increased by one piece or 20KG
  • Golf and Ski Bags: One golf bag and one ski bag free of charge
  • Waitlist Priority: If no more seats are available on your selected flight, as Senator you will enjoy higher waitlist priority.
  • Booking guarantee: If you reserve your flight in the highest-value booking class up to 48 hours before your journey, you will receive a booking in the travel class of your choice even on fully booked flights.
  • Upgrade vouchers: With initial appointment to Senator status and every time your Senator card is renewed, two electronic upgrade vouchers are credited to your account.  You can use these vouchers to travel in the next higher travel class.
  • Companion Award: Book an award for your travel companion for 50% fewer award miles.
  • Mileage Advances: If you don’t have enough miles for the award of your choice, you can overdraw your mileage account by up to 50,000 award miles.

2 Comments on “Lufthansa Miles and More – Senator

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  2. You forgot the Senator Hotline which is probably the biggest benefit (except of the lounge access of course)

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