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Weekend in Hamburg (Germany)

Pic: Giant spider at Hamburger Kunsthalle und Galerie Der Gegenwart Pic: Bratwurst at Rathausmarkt Hamburg (Jun 2012) Hamburg, my 7th Brussels Airlines Flyday destination this year. You might wonder why I take so many trips using this €99 promo. It’s…

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Weekend in Birmingham (UK)

Pic: The Bull at Bullring Shopping Mall Birmingham (Jun 2012) Birmingham, my sixth Brussels Airlines Flyday destination.  Once again, thanks to the IHG 2-for-1 discount rate, I managed to stay two nights abroad for less than €100.  In fact, this…

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Weekend in Warsaw (Poland)

Pic: View from my room 3308 at InterContinental Warsaw (Apr 2012) Pic: Deluxe Room at InterContinental Warsaw (Apr 2012) Warsaw, my fifth Brussels Airlines Flyday destination.  Faro, Bristol, Barcelona and Venice were a success and so was Warsaw.  Two nights…

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36 hours in Venice (Italy)

Pic: Piazza San Marco Venice (Apr 2012) Pic: View on San Giorgio Maggiore Venice (Apr 2012) Venice, my fourth Flyday trip, short but intense!  Left Brussels on Friday night 7.30pm and returned on Sunday morning 10.25am, just in time to…

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Weekend in Barcelona

Pic: Museu Nacional d Art de Catalunya, Barcelona (Apr 2012) Barcelona, my third Brussels Airlines #Flyday trip.  Faro was first, Bristol was second.  Several more Flyday trips will follow, with Venice booked for this weekend and Warsaw for next weekend. …

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