Status Match: Hotel Elite Status For Free

Top tier elite status at all Accor (Sofitel, Pullman, Mercure, Novotel,…) Best Western and IHG (InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, …) hotels in 10 easy steps!
1) Request a sign-up link for Le Club AccorHotels Platinum status via
2) Logon to your Le Club AccorHotels Platinum account and make a screenshot of your status. (example)
3) Create a Best Western Rewards account (or use your existing account)
4) Email something like this:
I would like to status match my Best Western Rewards membership level with my Le Club AccorHotels Platinum level.
Best Western Rewards Account Holder:
Best Western Rewards Account Number:
Current Competitor Elite Level:
Le Club AccorHotels Platinum
See attached screenshot. Thank you.
5) Wait for the Best Western Rewards Diamond Elite upgrade confirmation email.
(this may take a few days)
6) Create an IHG Rewards Club account (or use your existing account)
7) Logon to your Best Western Rewards account and make a screenshot of your status. (example)
8) Email something like this:
Please status match my IHG Rewards Club account #XXXXXXX with my Best Western Diamond status (#XXXXXX, see attached screenshot).
Thank you.
9) Wait until IHG Rewards Club confirms your upgrade to Platinum Elite status.
10) Enjoy your top tier elite benefits at all IHG, Best Western and Accor Hotels!


1) Create a Club Carlson account (or use your existing account)
2) Take a screenshot of your IHG Rewards Club Platinum status
3) Email or
I would like to status match my Club Carlson account XXXXXXX with my Platinum status XXXXXX at IHG Rewards Club (see attached screenshot) 
Thank you for your consideration.
4) Wait until Club Carlson confirms your upgrade to Gold status.
5) Enjoy your Club Carlson Gold elite benefits at Radisson, Radisson Blu, Park Plaza and Park Inn hotels!

97 Comments on “Status Match: Hotel Elite Status For Free

  1. i am IHG platinum & BW diamond member. Can i write to Le Club to ask for status match as Le Club platinum?

  2. Hi Bart! I’ve already booked a 3 night stay at a Holiday Inn for Mid-March and found out we’re about to book a second room for 3 nights. I read through some of your comments and found that booking the two rooms in the US WILL qualify for the big win promotion.
    Do we have enough time to go through the steps of requesting status match before the 15th of March and even then, would it be possible to cancel the first reservation and rebook so we can maximize the promotion code points? Or do we just settle for what we’ve booked and try and make the second reservation with the new status? Thanks.

    • Hi Leigh, not sure why you would want to rebook your first stay. It’s your status at the time of check-in which counts, not at the time of booking. Two weeks should be enough to status match if you already have status with a program accepted by IHG Rewards Club.

      • Thanks so much for clarifying that it’s the status at time of check-in that counts! Unfortunately we don’t already have status with another program and were hoping to use the steps outlined above to gain that with IHG by March 15th.

    • I am platinum for accors club. I have submitted for status match to Best western in one month ago. so far still no feedback 😦

  3. Yup, sorry for not being clear. Getting 12 nights within 60 days should be reasonably easy for business travellers…

  4. Hey Bart, you might want to add the option of matching to Hyatt Gold Diamond with IHG after having stayed for one night with one of their hotels… 🙂 Best, Phil

  5. I hope they reply quickly since i need to travel to Milan and from there to Martinique. Want to use IHG hotels for point collection.

  6. Hi Edvin, thanks for sharing, I noticed the same.
    Originally confirmed till end of 2014, now sudden change.
    Asked IHG for correction and will be glad to share the outcome.

      • Great, thx for sharing, have stays coming up and codes in place 😉

      • Same here, I e-mailed them last friday, just received re-confirmation that my platinum status is reactivated till end of 2014. Reply within 48 hours, and that within the weekend, quickly resolved 🙂

  7. Hi Bart, thanks for the great insights! Are you sure that my BW statement doesn’t have to show any points/activity?

    I got this email from IHG:

    “We are pleased you have chosen IHG Rewards Club and would like to match the status of your Best Western account. In order for us to make this change, however, we need you to send us the most recent Best Western statement reflecting the current status of your account. You may reply to this email with a scanned image of your statement, preferably in JPEG or PDF format.”

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Phil, even an empty Best Western statement should work. You can always make some refundable bookings to make it look more ‘realistic’ but shouldn’t be necessary for the status match. Thanks.

    • I however discovered that im back in Club level. Got Playtinum last november – even it had to last until end 2014. No notification about that until i logged in to my account.

      • Hi Edvin, I heard similar reports of some other blog readers. My dad’s status matched account is still Platinum. I suggest to contact IHG Rewards Club as you are entitled to have Platinum level until Feb 2015. Thanks.

  8. I am Le Club platinum member. I have followed the ways to apply Best western account and send email to ask for status match. So far almost 2 weeks, no reply from best western. What should i do?

  9. i am a Club Carlson gold member and today i have asked to upgrade me in IHG lets see if this will work

      • Ok. Thank you for searching.
        I’ve got till IHG platinum and now waiting for respons from carlsson.

    • You have to order this from web. But you can use also card from IHG APP fro smartphone.

      • But in the response from IHG, where they confirmed my Platinum they said this:

        We have ordered a new Platinum membership kit for you, which you shall receive within the next 2 to 4 weeks.

  10. Finally got all my status matches: 3 weeks for BW, 3 days for IHG and 3 hours for Club Carlson! 🙂

  11. Just received the same that I need a statement for IHG, luckily a colleague of mine has stayed in Athens at a best westerns, will try to use his receipt to get a match.

  12. It took a while, but today I received an email from IHG that my status match was completed!
    Just in time, as tomorrow I’ll be staying in one of their hotels in Barcelona 🙂

  13. Super post, just to let you know I just called the US bestwestern statusmatch number (I already had an exsiting UK BW account, as stayed once last year), told them I had IHG Platinum and voila status upgraded on the phone.

  14. I got my IHG Platinum valid until end of 2014 without any problem.
    Thank you so much Bart, I really appreciate it 🙂

  15. Got my BW diamant status after 2 weeks, now applied for IHG status match, fingers crossed !

  16. Received confirmation of Gold Status Club Carlson today.
    So all status matches are done.
    Thx Bart

  17. They asked twice about screenshot about status in BW, and i did not show how i got BW status. Just cutted that part out.

  18. I got some stays planned next month with IHG, so i was also hoping the upgrade would work. But I also got the same answer as the flying dutchman.
    I’ll give it another try, and hopefully it will go trough that time.

  19. I hope my 3 stays at IHG Hotels in Dezember will convince them to give me Platinum until the end of 2014 without any problems… It worked out for my dad on friday (without any upcoming stays), he got his reply within 5 hours…

  20. Jep same problem as The Flying Dutchman, I sent it again and got the same replu. Bummer 🙂

  21. Just got feedback as follows (had screenshot of status etc included in my e-mail):

    We are pleased you have chosen IHG Rewards Club and would like to match the status of your Best Western account. In order for us to make this change, however, we need you to send us the most recent billing statement reflecting the current status of your account. You may reply to this email with a scanned image of your statement, preferably in JPEG or PDF format.

    • Any idea how to take it from here? (anyone has an example of what they are looking for?) Cheers!

    • Looks like they are tightening the status match requirements. Some people have no issues, others are asked to prove the actually have stayed at Best Western before…

      • Wow, thanks for the within-one-minute reply 🙂
        So … means no way to get around this.
        I will give it another try by being blunt … resend it once more.
        Will share the outcome here.

        (Would you be able to e-mail me an example for what they are looking for?)

        • I guess they want to see some sort of activity in 2013 on your BW statement. Yes, try again. Maybe another agent just processes your request.

    • I had the same issue last week, just send them back the screen shot of BW and told them I had no statement at hand and I had an upcoming stay with them. Today received confirmation of IHG Platinum Elite status. Accor done, BW done, IHG done, working on HH and Carlsson 😀

  22. Today received confirmation of IHG that my status is matched with BW. Bad news however it is only valid till the end of 2013!!! I had better waited 2 months to ask for status match. If i have more than 60.000 points by then because of Big Win will I qualify for keeping my platinum level in 2014? Or is there another way to keep platinum level in 2014?

      • Thid is the exat answer I received :

        Dear xxx,
        Thank you for your email. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

        Your information was received today regarding your elite status with Best Western. We have upgraded your status to Platinum Elite with IHG Rewards Club. This status will remain in effect through the end of 2013.

        To continue with this status for 2014, you must meet the minimum requirements of Platinum Elite status by December 31st of 2013.

        So I’m afraid I ‘m only Platinum for 2 months. I will send them an email requesting platinum status till end 2014. Hope they will grant me this.
        On Loyaltylobby there are also a few comments from people who had this issue

    • I got my mail from IHG last night, and it says 2014… You should be OK Geert

  23. This is what I received from BW:
    “…A new card has been ordered for you and will arrive within 4 weeks”

  24. Exciting, hope to have mine soon as well. Do you guys happen to know if they mail the cards immediately (eg. Accor Platinum) or do you have to spend a night at each branch first?

  25. Got also confirmed today. Good that i need to book with IHG next week 🙂

  26. Just got the confirmation from BW. Sent the mail on OCT 20th, and status match mail received on OCT 31st ! Just sent IHG an e-mail to match status 🙂
    Just be patient, like Bart said, about 2 weeks seems normal.

    • I sent my e-mail on the 17th October, check a couple of days ago still nothing. I check today I’m Diamond 🙂
      Haven’t received an e-mail back, maybe still to come or lost in the spamfilter.

      • Same here,
        I just checked after reading your post, and I’m Diamond ( mail was send on 24th October)
        No email received 😉

  27. Just received my Diamond BW status match !
    So yes, it works
    a little patience is the keyword.

  28. great news, they have probably gotten hundrets of mails, thats why it takes so long…

  29. Hi, same problem here. No reaction from Best Western… Any idea what’s happening Bart?

  30. How long did you have to wait for the status match with Best Western.
    I’ve send them an email a week ago, but no answer so far.

  31. No answers from Best Western anymore? Damn it, I need this status match for IHG Platinum, is there any other way?

  32. Bart, you don’t happen to have the link yourself? Tried with 3 emails and FB message at Loyaltylobby, but no reply 😦

  33. Nice step by step manual, thanks for sharing.
    There is a possible “catch”:

    Status Match… No Catch® offer (“Offer”) is open to new and existing Best Western Rewards® members that reside in the United States, Canada or the Caribbean Islands.

    Seems European, Asian and residents from the Middle East are not able to enjoy this option?! (I tried anyway – will share the outcome)

      • Somehow I knew you would (awesome trip you made with your parents)
        Awaiting the Best Western confirmation.
        Will advice the outcome 😉
        Thx anyway, appreciate it

  34. Thx voor de update, ga ik direct even proberen 😉
    Kan misschien wel is van pas komen als ik naar China trek volgende maand!

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