Caroline Astor Suite at St. Regis Bangkok

Pic: Bedroom Caroline Astor Suite 1924 at St. Regis Bangkok (May 2012)
For most of my trips, I book hotels in advance.  This has a number of advantages: better rates, better point strategies, no stress to find suitable accommodation, etc…  My latest trip to Thailand (May 17-27) was an exception, with only the first three nights booked in advance at Hilton Millennium Bangkok and Sofitel So Bangkok.  On my third day in the Thai capital, I decided to add an extra night and pulled-up on my mobile.  To my surprise, was selling St. Regis Bangkok Caroline Astor Suites at a cheaper rate than regular Deluxe rooms.  As the cheapest rate for this suite is normally at least €200 more, I didn’t hesitate and booked it for £137.56 (€176,50 on Amex) including breakfast.
Upon arrival at St. Regis Bangkok, assistant manager Ms. Papatsorn performed our check-in.  “Mr. Lapers, we can’t seem to locate your reservation in our systems…” Here comes trouble, I thought to myself.  I pulled out my laptop and showed the confirmation email to Ms. Papatsorn.  “Mr Lapers, THB6500 for a Caroline Astor Suite?  We normally charge THB25000 for that suite!  Would you mind we verify your reservation with  We can offer you a drink at the Drawing Room.  Is that alright?”  At that point, I started to doubt whether they were going to honor my rate.  But after 20 minutes or so, the comforting words “Your Suite is ready Sir” were spoken.

Pic: View on pool from Caroline Astor Suite 2025 bedroom (May
Caroline Astor Suite 2025 was impressive, with a spacious living room and bathroom facing the Royal Bangkok Sports Club and the bedroom facing the St. Regis swimming pool.  Being so pleased with the suite, I immediately checked if the same rate was still available for the weekend after.  It was, and so I booked the Caroline Astor Suite again via for a second stay on May 25-26.  Not realizing yet, Lady Gaga would also be a guest at St. Regis Bangkok that night!  Two days before my second stay, I emailed the hotel to assign me a Caroline Astor suite with bedroom facing the Royal Bangkok Sports Club.  A request which was honored (my second stay was at suite 1924) and which I can highly recommend as those suites have an even more spectacular layout and view from the bedroom.

Pic: Welcome Amenity – St. Regis Bangkok (May 2012)

Pic: Breakfast at St. Regis Bangkok (May 2012)

Pic: Wagyu Beef Burger at St. Regis Bangkok (May 2012)
Video: Caroline Astor Suite 1924 – St. Regis Bangkok (May 2012)
Video: Caroline Astor Suite 2025 – St. Regis Bangkok (May 2012)

7 Comments on “Caroline Astor Suite at St. Regis Bangkok

  1. Oh my~
    Caroline Astor Suite in St Regis Bangkok.
    It’s my dream-come-true!!!

    Sooooo jealous of you to stay there for 2 nights with that bargained price.
    I can’t even afford one night.
    And I like the layout of Suite 1924 more~

  2. I checked the rate for 22-23sep which was 750 euro for the Astor suite. How do you get to the 176 euro? Was this a mistake on ebookers?

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