Brussels Airlines new long haul cabin

Brussels Airlines inaugurated its brand new long haul cabin this week on a flight to Cameroon (April 1st, 2012).  The first long haul aircraft to be refurbished with the new Business Class flat bed seats, the ergonomic Economy Class seats and a state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system, SN Airbus A330-300 OO-SFW, is now flying between Brussels Airport and Africa and will set course to New York JFK as of June 2012.  I will join inaugural flight SN501 from BRU to JFK on June 1st.  My return flight SN502 will be on June 3rd.  I booked my ticket on the announcement day of the new BRU-JFK route (Dec 27, 2011) for €399!  A full trip report will follow on your favorite ‘Luxury on a budget’ travel blog. 😉
For now, take the 3D virtual tour through the new Economy and Business Class cabins on the Brussels Airlines website.
Video: The new Brussels Airlines Long Haul Cabin
(Pictures: Brussels Airlines)

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