Bart Lapers


Brussels Airport Hidden Gem: Free Exxit Lounge

Update Sep 9, 2012: Unfortunately, the Exxit lounge no longer exists. – “This hidden gem proved to be somewhat too hidden 😉 But we are continuously working on new projects, so keep an eye on“ Pic: –…

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InterContinental Royal Ambassador

Pic: My InterContinental Paris Le Grand – Royal Suite Bedroom (March 2011) Twitter is my number one internet and mobile phone application since 2007.  It has provide me with some incredible value in the past four years.  Here’s an example…

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Data roaming for Belgians

Jan Henckens (@Jannemans) asked me to share some info on voice and data roaming.  I’m not an expert on voice roaming. I just know it’s important to use ‘partner’ networks of your domestic operator to avoid outrageous charges.  This post…

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