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Presentation: Luxury Travel on a Budget

On May 16, I spoke at a seminar for hospitality professionals called Hotel ’13.  Afterwards, I translated my presentation to English and posted it on SlideShare which featured it as ‘Top Presentation of the Day‘.  Result: a whopping +24,000 views…

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TravelMagic 2013 – The Hotel Brussels

Pic: TravelMagic 2013 – Saturday September 21 at The Hotel Brussels Belgium It is with great excitement that we announce our first TravelMagic 2013 speaker:  one of the most influential travel bloggers on the planet… Ben Schlappig! About Ben Schlappig…

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TravelMagic 2012

As you might have noticed, it has been a while since my last blog post.  I’ve been extremely busy preparing travel talks and hosting my own travel seminar in Brussels, Belgium.  Last Saturday (Dec 1) was the big day, TravelMagic…

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