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Toronto & frozen Niagara Falls

Pic: Partially frozen Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls (Feb 2015) Weekend trips can be so awesome! Friday morning, I flew Jet Airways from Brussels to Toronto for the weekend. Very reasonable travel times of 8h 45min for the outbound flight and only 6h 16m…

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New Year’s Eve in Sydney

Pic: Sydney New Year’s Eve = seven tonnes of Fireworks! (Dec 2014) After celebrating New Year’s Eve on Times Square in New York and at the Big Ben in London, Sydney was next. I flew Qantas First Class from London to Melbourne via…

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Pacific: Guam and Palau

Pic: My trip to Guam and Palau in the Pacific Ocean Earlier this year in April and May, I made a trip around the World which included stopovers in Dubai, Los Angeles, Guam and Palau. I published two extensive trip reports about…

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New Hotels & Bars in Bangkok

Pic: King Deluxe room at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok (Jul 2014) End of July, I spent a week in Bangkok, a city which I tend to visit at least once a year. For my first 5 nights, I booked the new…

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Highlights of Jordan

Early August, the Jordan Tourism Board invited me to discover their country. Despite being bordered by Iraq, Syria and Israel, Jordan has proven to be an island of security in the Middle East turmoil. At no point during my trip…

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