Uber launches in Brussels!

My favorite private driver app Uber, just announced its launch in Brussels. Due to local regulatory restrictions, Uber was forced to limit its service offerings to uberPOP. At least for now. uberPOP allows private individuals to offer transportation services using the powerful Uber app. My personal favorite is still Uber Black, the luxury car service by Uber which is now available in more than 25 countries. I’ve used Uber Black in Paris, New York and Cape Town and was blown away by their phenomenal service every single time.

Pic: Uber launches uberPOP in Brussels on February 25, 2014
To encourage customers to try uberPOP in Brussels, Uber offers €15 discount on your first ride with code ‘uberPOP’.  Make sure to sign-up for Uber using this link to get an additional €20 free credit.  Enjoy your free rides! 🙂

Video: Uber is just awesome, see it for yourself! #UpForWhatever

19 Comments on “Uber launches in Brussels!

  1. Was afraid it was back down to Europe, but didn’t know if it was based on countries somehow. Like I say, when I click your link, I get the $30 option, since I’m in the US.

    Not sure if we’ll be in Belgium this time, but would definitely not mind, and will let you know if we do. I know we’ll be in Austria for Christmas and Budapest for New Years.

  2. Hey Bart,
    I was looking for a way to get the €20 but it shows me a €10 sign up bonus.

    Well… if I sign up in the states it shows $30, but using proxys in Germany, Belgium, Austria, etc… I could only get €10. Any suggestion on a place to proxy from that would give the €20? Or another way to play this? I have a couple months in Europe, and it would be a shame if I ever had to pay for a taxi…

    • Hi Drew and Carrie,

      The current offer in European cities is €10 off your first ride. I’m not aware of any other promo code right now. However, you might want to keep an eye on the Uber City blogs to learn about local offers. http://blog.uber.com/cityblogs

      Have a nice trip to Europe and feel free to say hi when you’re in Belgium!

  3. Just tried UberPOP twice in Brussels for free (this week 5 rides free if less than 20 euro!) I love this APP. Please let them come to Antwerp also 🙂

  4. Though I have never used Uber, the system does not let me use those promo codes, as I am not a “new” user. I have registered about a month ago.

    • Panka, you probably already used a sign-up code for the equivalent of €20? The uberPOP code is only valid in countries offering this service and you can only see it applied if you logon to Uber.com via desktop.

  5. uit De tijd:
    Uber, een Amerikaanse mobiele aanbieder van taxidiensten, is vanaf dinsdag ook actief in Brussel. Niet met een klassieke taxidienst, maar wel met UberPop, dat meer aan autodelen doet denken. Brussels vervoerminister Brigitte Grouwels waarschuwt dat de wagens in beslag kunnen worden genomen.

  6. Used the UberLux service twice this Saturday night in Amsterdam, one word: brilliant! Great service, friendly drivers and best of all, very short waiting times. Happy customer here! 🙂

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