Hotel Tonight: €80 free credits!

Update Wed Mar 5 – Codes ‘BLAPERS’ and ‘BOOKEUROPE’ are still active (€40)
Update Mon Feb 10 – 7:45PM
Code ‘ASW3167J’ is dead! See you tomorrow 7pm? 😉
Update Mon Feb 10 – 7:00PM
Code ‘ASW3167J’ works again! ACT NOW!
Update Sun Feb 9 – 8:30PM
That was fast! Code ‘ASW3167J’ is now dead. Might return tomorrow, as it worked for a while yesterday too.
Update Sun Feb 9 – 7:30PM Use code ‘ASW3167J’ for an additional €40 credits = €80!!

Last minute hotel booking app Hotel Tonight currently has a €20 promo code ‘BOOKEUROPE’ for European customers. If you combine this with the €20 sign-up code ‘BLAPERS’, you’ll get €40 off your first Hotel Tonight booking! I’ve reviewed the Hotel Tonight app in my ‘Best Last Minute Hotel Booking apps‘ article. Make sure to install the Hotel Tonight app now, as the promo code might be revoked at any moment. Once you have the €40 in your account, you’ll have one year to spend it.

1) Install Hotel Tonight with promo code ‘BLAPERS’

2) Redeem promo code ‘BOOKEUROPE’

3) Redeem promo code ‘ASW3167J’

4) Enjoy €80 discount on your first booking!

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee whatsoever HotelTonight is going to honor your €80 credits.  If you want to be absolutely sure, book tonight! 😉

58 Comments on “Hotel Tonight: €80 free credits!

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  3. You’re a star – remind me to take you for a drink when you’re next in London.

    • Hi Monica, the two first codes ‘BLAPERS’ and ‘BOOKEUROPE’ should still result in €40 credit. At least if you are in a EUR country. Thanks

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  5. I am trying to use the discount code ASW… in Poland and it is not working.

    The currency change PLN>EUR in the app also does not help :/

  6. Nice , did accounts for me and for my wife, 160.- savings now 😀 Great info Bart.

  7. Thanks Bart, worked for me. Live in Europe but in Asia at the moment. Can I redeem that 40€ in Asia cities hotels?

  8. Hi Bart. I installed the app today. I tried to reinstall with a different e-mail, but then I can not redeem blapers code because

      • Android. I am not sure… There was a long list what the app could use. But the first place proposed to book hotel was the city I am now, so it definitely located my place

  9. I am in Europe, but still got US dollars account and was not allowed to redeem bookeurope promo code

    • Hi Nova, did you already have HotelTonight installed? It looks like HT only introduced EUR accounts a few months ago. Accounts which have been created before that time are in USD by default. If you don’t have credit in your existing account, you can always reinstall the app and use different email address to obtain EUR account. Thanks

  10. Hi, I am in US, so I got $25 credit using your referral code. As you said code ‘BOOKEUROPE’ for European customers only, b/s I do not see ‘Redeem promo code’ option on my phone and tablet (both Android). What is your phone OS?

  11. Anyway to pretend I’m from Europe when I’m in Canada?
    I signed up and it gave me USD account so “bookeurope” doesn’t work @@ I only have $25 USD/$19 Euro credit from Blapers now

    • Hi Jerry, I’m still trying to figure out how the HotelTonight app determines your location. I did a sign-up test where I did not allow the app to use the iOS location services, still it made a EU account. I guess it looks at your iOS regional settings or so.

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