Miles and More: 20,000 miles for €305 + 6 months NY Times

Lufthansa Miles and More currently has a 20,000 bonus miles offer for new International New York Times subscriptions (6 months).  Total cost is €305, which comes down to buying miles at €0,015 each.  This is much cheaper than buying miles directly from Miles & More.  Even with the current 20% bonus, you’re still paying €0,02 per mile and you’re limited to buying 12,000 miles per calendar year.  This is a good opportunity if you need to top-off your account for an award reservation.  Offer is valid until 25 December, 2013.

28 Comments on “Miles and More: 20,000 miles for €305 + 6 months NY Times

  1. Hi all, can you have a uk registered M&M and M&M Card and still get the offer in Thailand?

  2. Received the 20.000 miles, account from Italy, the subscription will start from april on

  3. has anyone got 15 000 miles for the subscription in thailand? 5000 THB?

  4. Thanks Bart. Seems like a credible offer. My main concern is the 6/12 month subscription discrepancy, which is repeated in the new offer. I agree with your hunch that this is supposed to be a bonus simply for a six month subscription, but you can’t rely on that – the terms and conditions clearly state otherwise.

    So, if you cancel after 6 months and they reverse your bonus, you can’t argue.

  5. I tried to sign up to this, but could not find any reference to a six month sign up when I attempted to progress it (nor anywhere to input my M&M no). There is apparently no expiry date, but I am not convinced this offer is still running.

    • Tom, this offer is expired. The new offer is 15000 miles for a 6 month NYT subscription. Login to your M&M account, click on ‘Earning miles’ and look for the ‘Magazine/Newspaper Subscription’ section for your local NYT offer (conditions vary per country). Thanks

  6. I think the thai option is a good one for 100 euros.
    But its good for our friends who we havein Thailand
    Has anyone got miles with residence in Thailand?

  7. It seems to work in Italy too. And the price now seems to be lowered at 245,00 €. (in Germany 265,00, in Belgium 305,00). You know if there is a specific date you have to start the subscription or you can choose any date, let say march ?

    • Ales, T&C do not indicate you need to start subscription immediately, so March should be fine. I also noticed you can select Thailand for just 5000 BAHT (€112). Question is if they match the address/country with your Miles & More account.

      • Thanks Bart. I do live in Italy, so the price will be fine. Just wondering if I do really get the 20.000 miles. Merry Xmas !!

  8. Do you have to in Europe to get this? I tried a US address and it wouldn’t take.

    • Stuart, the offer is only valid for M&M members of Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

  9. It’s not clear to me if these 20k miles can expire or not… I guess not if paid with a Miles & More CC ?

    This is also not clear to me…
    Can you cancel after 6 months without losing the 20k miles or are you only allowed to cancel after 12 months ?

    “No cancellation or refund on the subscription order for 12 month, once the award miles are being credited or subscription started; whichever comes first.”

    • Michel, if you don’t have status with Miles & More, award miles expires 36 months after you earned them. If you have status with M&M or you have a M&M credit card (and use it at least once a month) your miles do not expire. The NYT offer T&C indicate you cannot cancel your subscription after you have received the miles (to avoid people signing up just for the miles and then requesting a refund) However, the T&C should state 6 months, not 12. I’m quite confident this offer is for 6 months and you will not be forced to extent the subscription for another six months.

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