Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner

Pic: Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner A7-BCC at Brussels Airport (Dec 2013)

Pic: Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner Flight Attendants at Brussels Airport (Dec 2013)
Sunday Dec 1st, 2013 marked a new milestone for Brussels Airport and Qatar Airways.  The Middle Eastern airline started operating the new B787-8 Dreamliner on its Brussels – Doha route, making them the first airline with scheduled Dreamliner flights at Brussels Airport.  On Tuesday Dec 3th, I was invited by Qatar Airways to have a closer look at the B787 while parked at Brussels Airport Gate B10.

Pic: Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner Business Class Cabin (Dec 2013)

Pic: Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner Business Class Seat (Dec 2013)

Pic: Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner Economy Class Cabin (Dec 2013)
More information on the Qatar Airways BRU-DOH schedule can be found at (in Dutch) Qatar Airways joined the Oneworld Alliance end of Oct 2013, which makes you can redeem your Oneworld miles for flights on the B787!

5 Comments on “Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner

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  2. the business and first class terminal (premium terminal) is an oasis of peace and excellent staff

    business and first class lounges are always very well staffed with plnety of quality drinks and yummie food ( a la carte in F)

  3. having flown some nicest C classes i think that Qatar C class is definitely one of the best ones

    I flew to DEL via Doha and the 787 experience was even better than C on SQ, TG, EK, SR, LH etc

    this C product on the 787 is amazingly well worked on- excellent welcome on board, lighting on the plane and black stone counters with red roses are unbeatable, new C seats (herring configuration) are even more convenient than SQ (plenty of hidden drawers to well organise your staff), salvatore ferragamo toiletries both toiletry bag and in the high tech toilets, pyjamas, catering could be actually a bit better, very well organised and efficient staff (other than the stressed one on SQ)

    all in all congrats to Qatar 🙂

  4. impressive C class – – similar to NZ

    going to take it in Jan – using 2 for 1 offer in C

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